Working mums key to Scott Morrison’s election win

by pregnancy journalist

Working mums formed a critical part of the Coalition’s shock election victory, with internal research finding Scott Morrison wooed back the key demographic which had abandoned the Liberals just months out from it.

The revelation runs counter to the Liberals perceived “woman problem” which had plagued the government ahead of the federal campaign, with the Coalition winning the majority of female voters aged between 35-54 across the country.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison with wife Jenny and daughters Abbey and Lily at a Liberal Party rally. Credit:AAP

Government insiders point to events such as the Prime Minister’s swift response to the nationwide strawberry contamination scandal and a strong focus on cyber bullying as the first signs it was “being heard” by the 3.5 million woman voters.

It can be revealed the Coalition deliberately narrowcasted to the group with “softer, more positive” messages about government policies which included hand-written notes from candidates sent by mail to only female voters in the age-group.

Liberal strategists said a similar result had occurred across the country, with the group’s core concern about the economy and cost-of-living issues such as electricity and transport.

Just six month earlier, Victorian Labor had won the demographic, about 800,000 voters, 56-44 in its landslide victory, with infrastructure among the top concerns.

Senior Liberals told The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age the influence and campaign appearances of Mr Morrison’s wife Jenny – who they stress is “not in any way a political person” – should not be underestimated.

“Jenny was seen as a very genuine person by the public but most importantly it’s the things in her life, in her friend’s life that she talks about with Scott that has the biggest influence,” one said.

“She doesn’t tell him what action to take, but raises issues that she believes are concerns to parents across the country.”

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