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by pregnancy journalist

2. Remote check-in, or at least via kiosks.

Airlines have figured this out; why can’t pharmacies? If customers enter their own info, the one pharmacist working doesn’t have to. She can focus on getting your prescriptions.

3. Prescription sync-up.

Some kids’ vitamins are available by prescription only. And maybe you or your partner rely on prescriptions year-round How annoying is it when you run out of one just a couple days before the next prescription is ready for pickup? If the pharmacy coordinated renewing each member of your family’s meds at the exact same time, you and their workers would save time since you would visit less often.

4. An express prescription line.

Some pharmacies have separate lines for asking questions and yet somehow, I’m always behind someone who is swallowing a pill for the first time and paying in pennies. Can there be an express line, as there is in supermarkets, for people who aren’t going to fight the cost or otherwise dominate the worker’s attention?

5. Gated kids’ activities beside the line.

Or a little seat to strap in the littlest visitors so they don’t crawl away while you’re signing that you consent to skip counsel from a pharmacist? I’ve had to relinquish my spot in line too many times because my 4-year-old wanted to run and check out the cars an aisle away (and no, bringing my own activities doesn’t help because there’s too much novelty all around him).

6. Give estimated available-to-pick-up times.

Yeah, some do this already, but when your sick kid needs medicine stat and your doctor has called it in for you, you have very little info on when the prescription will actually be ready. A text that the prescription has been received with a likely window that it’ll be ready could save us from standing around and bugging the pharmacist to check if the request has come through yet.

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