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A RAPIST took Viagra and attacked a mum with such force she compared the ‘unbearable pain’ to childbirth as she begged him again and again to stop.

But Paul Wyatt-Davies of Worcester ignored her pleas and, when challenged by the victim about what he had done, told her: “I wanted it, so I took it.”

He later apologised to her, telling her: “I’m truly sorry for what I’ve done to you. I’ve messed up big time.”

The 34-year-old of Smiths Avenue, St John’s, arrived at Worcester Crown Court in a white shirt and waistcoat, carrying a backpack over one shoulder and holding a black flat cap in the other.

He had already admitted the rape when he appeared on Monday for sentence, showing no emotion as he was jailed by Judge Robert Juckes QC.

The rape of the mother happened on March 27 this year and she gave a video recorded interview to police just three days later on March 30.

The victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said in a statement that she awoke to find the defendant having sex with her without her consent.

“I asked him to stop. He would not,” she said.

Giles Nelson, prosecuting, said the victim told police she had asked Wyatt-Davies to stop three times and also told him he was hurting her. But he ‘didn’t at any stage stop’ she said.

After the rape, the victim stated ‘she was scared and in a state of shock’, estimating the ‘really forceful’ attack lasted four minutes. An empty packet of Viagra was later found discarded in a kitchen bin.

Mr Nelson added: “She described the pain as unbearable, described it as like childbirth pain.”

He later apologised to the victim and admitted the rape as soon as he was arrested. Asked why he had done it he said: “I just wanted it.”

Wyatt-Davies told police he had drunk a bottle of wine before the attack. Afterwards he told them he thought: “What have I done?”

In a victim personal statement, summarised by Mr Nelson, the victim said she had suffered with extreme anxiety and no longer liked leaving the house. She also said she felt ‘worried and paranoid’ after the attack, referring to herself as feeling ‘desperately unhappy’.

The physical pain following the rape lasted a week.

Richard Hull, defending, said the defendant was supported by his parents who were in the public gallery.

He said Wyatt-Davies had accepted responsibility for his actions and asked if the judge would consider coming down from the five year starting point given the ‘peculiarities around the offence’.

“He attends court in full anticipation of a custodial sentence” said Mr Hull.

Judge Robert Juckes QC said Wyatt-Davies had admitted the offence from the outset but his initial response when confronted with what he had done had been an ‘aggressive one’, the defendant saying: “I wanted it so I took it.”

However, he said: “Thereafter your position has been contrite. You have expressed your regret. You have given apologies. I have no hesitation at all in saying you are genuinely remorseful.”

But he said the rape had been ‘a serious sexual attack’ and had to be dealt with by way of a custodial sentence.

“This is the most serious form of sexual attack” the judge said. The range available to the judge within the sentencing guidelines was a a custodial sentence of between four and seven years and a starting point of five years in prison.

He told the defendant she had told him to stop and added: “You wouldn’t. She was badly hurt and it went on for a long time and she suffered the consequences of that physically for one week and, emotionally and psychologically, she still suffers.”

The judge was able to come down from the five year starting point to 40 months in prison, reflecting the defendant’s early guilty plea. He said he was able to reduce it still further to reflect other mitigating factors, including the defendant’s previous good character.

Wyatt-Davies was jailed for a total of three years, half of which he will serve in custody and other half in the community on licence. A restraining order was made without restriction of time. He must also register as a sex offender and notify the courts of any change in his circumstances, including his address. Again this provision was made indefinitely. A victim surcharge of £170 was imposed.

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