When to Take a Pregnancy Test, How Soon Can Take a Pregnancy Test

by pregnancy journalist

Take a test approximately a week after supposed starting date of your period. By this time most pregnant women have enough hCG (25 mIU/ml and higher) in their urine and pregnancy test is able to detect it.

It is quite possible to receive positive pregnancy test result early: on the 7th day after ovulation. However, false negative results can be received even on 10th-12th day after ovulation (you are pregnant, but the test shows one line).

Remember: if you have period delay, but test result is negative, you should consider taking another test in a few days. If you received only one negative result, it still doesn’t mean that you’re not pregnant (especially if period delay is still small).

Necessary Conditions for Taking a Pregnancy Test

First, check the expiration date on test’s package.

You should buy a new test rather than using the one that was left from the last time or was kept in inappropriate conditions (in bathroom with excess moisture, etc.). You want to know for sure, after all!

You have to all instructions carefully, because various types of pregnancy tests are used differently. If you want the result to be as reliable as possible, take a test right after you wake up in the morning: morning urine has maximum concentration of hormones in it.

If Second Line is Visible, But Not Clearly

If the test result is positive (even when the line is not clear), it is very possible that you are pregnant. Such result is called ‘weak positive’.

Weak Positive Result

In that case, you should take another one in a few days. If second test result is also positive – well, congratulations, you’re pregnant! And the result is negative, it is possible that you’ve experienced an early spontaneous miscarriage.

Dear ladies, we know that it’s hard to resist taking a pregnancy test right after conceiving or on a first day of period delay. However, if you wait a little, you’ll be rewarded with reliable result!

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