What to do When You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test

by pregnancy journalist

(I have written this post as a part of a paid campaign with UCHealth to help women navigate their pregnancy. All opinions, experiences and questions are my own.)

So, you just got a positive pregnancy test; Yay! I know there are a million and one blog posts out there to help you prepare for baby, and I am sure you have read every single one. This is my second time around but I remember during the first time I could not read enough, or Google enough to feel prepared. I hope this post is a resource to help you feel as prepared as possible in such an exciting, yet nerve wracking season in your life.

I am so excited to be teaming up with UCHealth to help answer the questions you have, and hopefully some you wouldn’t have thought about asking as well. Stay tuned for some exciting content related to all things baby!

Here is where to start once you see the double line on that pregnancy test:

Find an OB: “Congratulations!  You just got the double line of a positive pregnancy test.  This is both exciting and scary. Make that first appointment with your provider and bring all of your questions.  We are here to provide all of the information you need to prepare for the healthiest pregnancy,” says Dr. Amy Johnson, OB/GYN at UCHealth Women’s Care Clinic – Longmont. Your first OB visit will be between 8-10 weeks so don’t fret, you have a little time! Be sure to do some research, ask your friends for recommendations, choose between an OB and a Midwife team, and of course, make sure they take your insurance!. I chose to go to the UCHealth Women’s Care Clinic – Greeley and I currently see the amazing Midwives there. I know there are a few differences between OB’s and Midwives but one of the reasons I chose to work with the Midwives was because they are there a little more of the labor process to help you with that support.
Be sure to do some research to make the best choice for you and your birthing needs.

Prepare for your first Appointment:
Be sure to make a list of questions to ask your doctor/health care provider and bring those along with you. Here is some of what you can expect at your first appointment:

They will ask about you and your partners family Medical History.
They will weigh you and take your blood pressure (they continue to do this at every appointment).
They will ask the date of your last menstrual period.
They will give you a cervical and breast exam as well as a pap smear.
They will take your blood to run some tests.

You may also get a dating ultrasound to find out your due date!

Read books and Download Apps to follow along on baby’s progress:
I love seeing baby grow from a Poppyseed to a Watermelon. It’s unreal what the female body can do and its helpful to know all those pregnancy symptoms are worth it to create the little life in you!
Here are my favorite apps:

This is a must have! It is user friendly, tracks growth in baby, and shows changes to your body and also has a great community you can ask questions in.

I especially love the 3D image you can seeing of your growing baby in this app.

I love that this app shows what size your baby’s hands and feet are at each stage.

Here are some books to read:

Go on a Hospital Tour:
There are so many benefits of going on a hospital tour; from seeing the size of the room, to the amenities offered, and my favorite part, where they keep the popsicles! Labor is not only an incredibly physical challenge but it’s also very mental. Being able to visualize yourself in the room, and know what sort of things could be useful in your labor, will help you feel way more prepared.
My hospital, UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies, offers some amazing amenities to help in child labor:

  • Baby Bistro: A specialty meal for you and your support person (seriously such an amazing perk!).
  • Comfortable, home-like private suite.
  • Jacuzzi tubs in most labor rooms.
  • Kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator for your support person.
  • Outdoor atrium area for family and visitors.
  • Private bathroom with shower.
  • Room service: breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available.
  • Sleeper bench/couch.
  • TV and Wi-Fi access.

I am so excited to be heading to UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital in Longmont to do a hospital tour this week. I will be sharing this with you live on Facebook so be sure to follow UCHealth so you don’t miss it!

Take classes offered by your hospital: UCHealth offers so many amazing resources in classes leading up to your delivery. Be sure to take advantage of these classes in your area.
I highly recommend doing a couples labor and delivery class because even though I felt pretty informed of what to expect from all my personal research, it was still such a great conversation starter for what my husband could expect, and even what I would expect from him during labor and delivery!

I also fully recommend taking a nursing mothers class before having your baby. Nursing does not always come easy for women (This was my experience. I will share more later). Sometimes we feel the expectation is there that it’s just a “natural” thing that won’t take effort. Taking a class will help you manage your expectations and help you be prepared to handle the enormous task of feeding an infant.

A lot of childbirth can be unpredictable so these steps are to help ensure you are in a mental space to take it all in. The more you are aware the more you will feel prepared!

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