Watch: Clicks digital pregnancy test gives ‘positive’ tested with tap water [video]

by pregnancy journalist

Clicks, the cosmetic retailer, finds itself in muddy waters after it was discovered by Business Insider that their digital pregnancy test gave false positives – even when it was tested with tap water.

Clicks found to be selling faulty digital pregnancy test

A woman reached out to the publication after she was devastated to realise that the result she had received from the pregnancy test was false.

Although the test has not yielded false negatives, which are regarded as the bigger threat, it still posed a serious danger for those who are emotionally attached to the idea of carrying children.

Business Insider, after receiving the complaint from the woman who tested false positive, went ahead and bought two tests from a Clicks store in Johannesburg.

One was disassembled, while the other was used for the test. Except, nobody was going to produce a urine sample. Instead, water was used as the ‘sample’.

Surprisingly, as you will see in the video attached below, the test, within moments, displayed a ‘positive’.

Clicks’ bland response to the alert

The guys went back and got more tests, and yet again, the same result occurred.

Clicks has since refused to comment on whether the retailer was aware of the fault in their product. Neither did they address the number of units of the product they had sold.

Instead, Susann Caminada, the retailer’s spokesperson, stated that

“thank you for alerting us to this issue. As a responsible health retailer, we take the wellbeing of our customers extremely seriously. We are withdrawing the product from shelves as a precautionary measure, pending further investigation by our supplier.”

No other cases of women finding false results in the digital pregnancy test were reported.

Watch: Digital pregnancy test with tap water

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