Virat Kohli Fans Slammed Sunil Gavaskar For His Recent Statements On His Paternity Leave

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The debate around Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s paternity leave to be there with his wife during the birth of his and Bollywood actor and wife Anushka Sharma’s first child, once again heated up on social media after former Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar slammed the team management for the difference in the treatment.

Well, in his latest column on Sportstar, Gavaskar slammed BCCI for keeping T Natarajan in the Test squad and refraining him from meeting his new-born daughter for the first time while the Indian skipper Virat Kohli has been given paternity leave and will be missing the last three Test games against Australia. He wrote:

“Another player who will wonder about the rules, but, of course, can’t make any noise about it as he is a newcomer. It is T. Natarajan. The left-arm yorker specialist who made an impressive debut in the T20 and had Hardik Pandya gallantly offering to share the man of the T20 series prize with him had become a father for the first time even as the IPL playoffs were going on.”

He added:

He had become a father for the first time even as the IPL playoffs were going on. He was asked to stay on for the (Australia) Test series but not as a part of the team but as a net bowler. Imagine that. A match winner, albeit in another format, being asked to be a net bowler. He will thus return home only after the series ends in the third week of January and get to see his daughter for the first time then. And there is the captain (Virat Kohli) going back after the first Test for the birth of his first child”

Meanwhile, Gavaskar’s statements didn’t go down well with the fans, who are now trolling him left, right, and center. There were many who disagreed with the statements of Gavaskar and slammed him for the same.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

Sunil Gavaskar being salty every time and leaving no stone unturned to put Virat Kohli down. T Natarajan has got the opportunity of his life and wouldn’t like spoiling that.
Every time Sunil Gavaskar be like:

— Varun K.R Aithal (@AithalVarunkr) December 24, 2020

One more insecure statement from the Mumbai Lobby.. Man why these Guys just target Kohli.. Did Nattu complain Gavaskar ?

Need a Karnataka or Hyderabad Lobby Badly..

— ꜱᴜʀʏᴀ (@SuryaRCB1) December 24, 2020

Rohit Sharma skipped one test to be with his wife for her delivery, but because he is from Bombay Gavaskar ke muh me dahi jam gaya.
Also,Comparing Natrajan & Kohli is like comparing a fresher and CEO of a company, CEO has already proven himself whereas fresher has lot to achieve

— Good Guy NGL (@gooljaar) December 24, 2020

For Sunil Gavaskar, it’s cool If Any player miss an overseas tour for cousin’s wedding but if Kohli misses for his first born Baby He will call it “Different rules for different players”.

It’s high time to change the name of “Border Gavaskar trophy”

— Neerajツ (@MasterOfChase) December 24, 2020

Pure Jealousy towards Kohli. Un-necessary dragging Debutant T Natrajan. While his Fellow Mumbaikar Rohit Sharma Played IPL 2020 final Jeopardizing Aussie Tour, Gavaskar was napping at that time.

— RAHUL SODHI (@imerahul) December 24, 2020

Gavaskar sahab Ko kya problem hai . Rohit Sharma ke liye to kuch nahi bole 😃

— virat kohli’s MRF bat (@viratfanAR) December 24, 2020

*Kohli farts*

Gavaskar: I have seen youngsters controlling farts for hours. But different rules for Kohli.

— Silly Point (@FarziCricketer) December 24, 2020

However, there were many who came up in support of Gavaskar and praised him for putting his point of view across bluntly. Many fans also supported the theory that Kohli should have stayed with the defeat, especially after India’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Australia at the Adelaide Oval.

Here, check out the reactions:

Yes, Mr. Gavaskar is right. Kohli going back for the birth of his first child is emotional, manh current players does that. However considering the loss we had in first test, he should have stayed back with the team and help leveling the series.

— Naveen Shandilya (@ShandilyaNaveen) December 24, 2020

Every once in a while Gavaskar speaks bluntly & boldly. One of the few that still do. Even Kapil Dev plays safe. High time Kohli is fired as LOI skipper and Rohit brought in ASAP. Cannot afford any more losses.

— కార్తిక్ (@karthiknyc) December 24, 2020

I think Sunil gavaskar is right which they wrote about in natarajan and virat kohli
In indian team, the rules and leaves are vary among different person or player

— Palak Parashar (@PalakParashar5) December 24, 2020

Meanwhile, it was a day ahead of the ‘Ind vs Aus’ ODI clash when Kohli made his stance clear over why he chose to return home to be with his wife Anushka Sharma. Speaking on a viral press conference, Virat said:

I will be flying back after the first Test and that was purely based on the fact that we have a quarantine period both ways and I had explained the same to the selectors during our selection meeting,”

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