Understanding Faint Line on Pregnancy Test, What it Means

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Extremely Faint Line on Pregnancy Test

Every woman who has ever made a pregnancy test knows the feelings that arise in anticipation of the second line. Sometimes it’s a well-traced line. However, sometimes it is very pale. That does a faint line on a pregnancy test mean?

How Does the Pregnancy Test Work?

Everyone knows that a pregnancy test detects the HCG levels. It is also known how to use it. Unfortunately, not all women read the instruction, it reads what hormone concentration the test can detect and what day after you missed period it’s effective.

Typically, the most reliable result is obtained few days after the missed period. Before that time, the test can show a negative result even if you’re pregnant, or you will see a faint second line.

How Does this Line Look Like?

Pay attention to the second line. Regardless of the test, both lines should be equal and be placed across the tester’s width (the control area). Ideally, they should be the same thickness and shade.

However, in the early stages, when the concentration of HCG in the body is still relatively small, the second line in the control area will look thin and pale. The line is also relatively pale when the levels of HCG are low, it may indicate a pathology or a threat of a miscarriage. Especially if your period is more than a week late.

When the Test Result is to Doubt?

Sometimes the fuzzy second line may indicate that you had gotten a defective test. If both lines are faint, it means that the test has been stored incorrectly or has expired. If the second line is pale and blurred, and the control area has gone with stains, this means that the test is of a poor-quality. As you know, the lines appear as the result of the reaction between a dyer and a special chemical compound containing HCG antibodies.

This compound splits and colors the line. If a woman is not pregnant, but this “slipping” has happened sooner than it should be, the test may show the second line. This is especially true when the red line appears below the control zone. This means that the test features a poor-quality reagent.

Psychological Factor

Very often, the woman expects to see the second line, albeit faint. It happens because we’ve learnt from our friends or comments on forums, that even a faint line gives hope for a positive result. That’s why often the woman would see the second line even if it were absent. For example, on some tests, you can see a well traced second dark line. If you take a close look, you will see that it’s white, but of the shade is slightly different. It is the trace of the reagent.

This phenomenon occurs when the test was too damp. That why it is necessary to follow the instructions and dip the test above the indicated line. This also applies to the test time, it cannot be reduced deliberately, and you should wait the necessary time before read the result.

In any case, a faint second line means that you need to make another test. In addition, it is necessary to consult a doctor. He is likely to assign laboratory tests that will dispel all doubts. Moreover, you can make an ultrasound scan to make sure. The ultrasound will tell whether the tests’ results are reliable.

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