Top 7 Maternity Clothes Essentials and Basics You Need for Your Wardrobe

by pregnancy journalist

maternity clothes essentials and maternity basics. After some research on trends and comfortability, here are the 7 maternity essentials and maternity styles we picked out that will keep you and your bump trendy and stylish!

1. Comfortable Maternity Jeans


There will come a time when using your hair tie can no longer help button your non-maternity jeans’ buttons. Before that time comes, it’s practical to invest in a pair or two of casual and comfortable maternity jeans to diversify your maternity outfits. As always, it is important to choose a pair of jeans made from quality denim to give you maximum comfort. Additionally, a pair of maternity jeans with a stretchy built-in belly band would provide extra bump support and prevent the jeans from riding down and up.

2. Essential Maternity Pants and Maternity Tights


For those special occasions, you can opt for maternity pants such as khakis, linen pants, corduroys and other maternity dress pants styles. On the other hand, maternity active pants and maternity leggings are perfect for exercising, running errands and lounging. To wear maternity skirts more comfortably and freely, layer a pair of maternity tights or maternity leggings under your skirt. Mix it up by throwing on a sweater, and you’ll have a cute sweater and skirt outfit for winter and spring!

3. Breezy Maternity Shorts


Imagine yourself on a hot day. You’re wearing a pair of jeans with a belly band giving you a bear hug. Instantly, you wish you had opted for breezy maternity shorts instead of your cozy jeans that morning. It is crucial to choose a pair of loose shorts with lots of leg and waist room that enables you to move without restriction on warmer days. Shorts can be paired with a variety of tops and tees or even layered under dresses on a night out. In the spring, throw on a spunky kimono or snug cardigan to anticipate the nighttime temperature drop. With the numerous combinations that can be made with a single pair of maternity shorts, it makes them an essential in your maternity wardrobe. 

4. Trendy Maternity Jackets


Jackets and coats play the main characters of many wardrobes. For your maternity wardrobe, it is important to own two or three jackets you can throw on in a jiffy for warmth and style. Popular maternity jackets include denim jackets, coats and vests. Sport your denim jacket over a casual dress and sneakers, and you’re ready to head out! 

5. Cute and Dressy Maternity Tops


Having a wide selection of maternity tops will make putting outfits together that much easier by supplying your wardrobe with flair and experimentation. Maternity tops fall into two main categories: fitted and flowy. While fitted tops allow you to show off your baby bump and look put-together with jeans, flowy tops and shirts give you the needed belly breathing room and look terrific with almost any kind of maternity bottom style!

6. Casual Maternity Dresses


Casual maternity dresses are must-haves for those days you’re just not feeling like wearing pants or anything too tight. Usually made with thinner materials and blends, casual maternity dresses can be easily slipped on without the hassle of fastening buckles and tying ties. Spice up your dress by throwing on a jacket, booties and a floppy hat. To make a casual dress outfit more formal, add some jewelry and you’re ready to attend both church and have a blast at backyard barbecues. 

7. A Diaper Bag for Your Baby


Your baby’s diaper bag is not only the most crucial tool to hold all your other essentials, but also one of the easiest ways to accessorize your outfits. Choose a diaper bag with a fun print or a solid color that works with or enhances the general color scheme of your maternity wardrobe. Make sure it has sturdy shoulder straps, dimensions easy for you to tote around, and enough compartments for you to organize your other nitty-gritty goodies in.

These are the essential pieces we think your maternity wardrobe needs. For more inspiration on maternity styles and knowledge on motherhood, check out these 17 maternity fashion blogs we love!

Was there a piece you can’t live without with when you’re expecting? What are your maternity style must-haves? Let us know in the comments! 


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