This New Crib Ad from IKEA Actually Doubles as a Pregnancy Test — Like, for Real

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Sundvik crib
Image Source: IKEA

If you’ve ever bought a desk or a bed frame from IKEA, you know you’re in for a night of swearing and sweating when it’s time to assemble that baby. But you suffer through, because their furniture is funky, fresh, and fun. However, it looks like IKEA has finally decided they’re sick of being known as the company whose furniture everyone loves to hate putting together. So instead, they’re changing the conversation … in the weirdest way possible.

The Swedish brand is promoting their new Sundvik crib with an ad that asks women to PEE on it. YEP. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. IKEA wants to C-U-P … on their magazine ad. Technically, it’s for a pretty interesting reason, but still. It’s weird, man.

The revolutionary ad, as reported by Mashable, is made with a test strip on the page that uses the same technology as — you guessed it — pregnancy tests! Tear the page out, take the page into the bathroom (pretty please) and pee on it to find out if you’re pregnant. If you are, the ad will reveal a red sales price of $495 for the crib, under the original price of $995.

Okay, IKEA. I get it. It’s actually really brilliant. But what about all of the poor sales cashiers who are about to be processing hundreds, maybe even thousands, of urine-soaked crib coupons? Did anyone think about them?

Cashier: “I see you went with the fuzzy magenta pillows and a set of 12 lime green rubber forks. Oh, and the Sundvik crib. Nice choice. Will that be all today?”

Customer: “Yes. OH AND, I have a coupon for the crib.”

Cashier (*gently weeps): “Oh wonderful. Let me just throw on my Hazmat suit for the sixth time today so I can process your piece of paper covered in pee.”


While the ad is sure to catch the eye of shoppers and prospective parents, how many of us would really feel comfortable handing over a piece of paper with our waz on it to a total stranger? And what’s next? A toilet paper ad that you have to wipe with just to reveal a $5 OFF coupon? Yeah, no thanks.

IKEA, you definitely get two points for creativity on this one, but I think I’ll pass on your pee ad and stick to finding out if I’m pregnant the old-fashioned way.

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