The First ‘Last’: The Positive Pregnancy Test.

by pregnancy journalist

Last week we had some exciting news.

We are expecting baby number three!

It’s very early days yet, possibly only between six to eight weeks. I haven’t actually seen a midwife yet. We aren’t sure of dates because I still breastfeed Alex, which means I’m all over the place still.

I’m not feeling too horrendous…yet. I have had a bit of back-ache, which I know is fairly normal because of ligaments stretching and muscles relaxing. I’ve felt a bit queasy but haven’t been physically sick yet – with both the boys I was really sick – and I’ve got that horrible fatigue that to me is one of the worse parts of the first trimester.

I’m also aware, more aware than I was with the boys for some reason, that not everyone who has a positive pregnancy test will have a baby at the end of it. It never really crossed my mind with Harrison or Alex. This time it is a bit like a shadow over it, so I’m half wishing this first scary twelve weeks over. Once we see that little heartbeat and wriggly little shrimp on screen, I will start to relax and enjoy it a bit more. We’ve been pretty lucky so far with one very easy pregnancy, and one that had a few tough moment’s (high blood pressure and suspected pre-eclampsia) but was generally ok.

I’m hoping this baby will arrive as quickly (both boys less than 4 hours labour, Alex was just 48 mins) and as safely as his or her big brothers. We would love to have a little girl to even things up (even our cat is a bloke!) but at the end of the day, as long as the baby is healthy, that is all that matters. We keep joking that another boy would be easier as we wouldn’t have to buy anything, but it would be nice to be able to have a bit of pink in the house!

All being well, this will be our last baby. This will be the last pregnancy I announce. The scans will be the last ones we will have of our own kids. Every moment will be a ‘last’. Once this first scary trimester is out the way, I want every moment to go slowly. I will treasure every little kick and hiccup. I will treasure every time it feels like baby is using my bladder as a trampoline. I will make the most of having a lovely bump to take photos of. When baby is here, I will make will make the most of every second that they are a tiny baby – that milky baby smell, the tiny hands because I know how fast they grow. My two beautiful boys were once those tiny little babies. Now they’re perfect toddlers, growing more independent by the day. I know they will be amazing big brothers, looking after their baby brother or sister and teaching them how to run rings around us!

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