Research Says Marijuana Damages Semen Quality And Negatively Affects Male Fertility

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New research suggests marijuana can damage the quality of semen and affect male fertility. Researchers examined samples from men in Washington and compared it with their consumption of the drug.

It was found that those who had consumed cannabis for years were more likely to have damaged or abnormally-shaped sperm than those who had never consumed the drug. These men also have lower sperm counts.

Omer Raheem, lead researcher who presented the paper at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Denver, said that their results mean doctors should inform men trying to conceive how marijuana may affect their semen quality.

Sperm counts and quality are plummeting not only across the United States but also worldwide. It is caused by numerous factors, such as poor diet, chemical exposures, and other influences.

Cannabis is now legal in many countries for medical and recreational purposes but scientists are still trying to catch up with legalization to determine not only the drug’s benefits but also its negative effects.

Dr. Omer Raheem and his team evaluated semen analyses for more than 400 men who had been assessed for infertility. The participating men filled out a health assessment form, which included questions about their tobacco consumption, race, age, and their marijuana consumption.


Then, the researchers cross-referenced their answers with the results they obtained from the lab. They found that almost half of the men, 43 percent, consumed marijuana in their lifetime. 25 percent of them stopped using the drug, and 18 percent are current users.

Those who used the drug had poorer semen quality that those who didn’t. They also discovered damages such as change of shape, decreased volume, and total progressive motile count or how many sperm cells can actually move.

They also discovered that men who smoked the drug had higher risks of abnormally shaped sperm which can negatively affect its ability to enter an egg.

Medical News Today

Dr. Raheem told DailyMail: “Doctors need to be aware of the negative effect and counsel their parents about the negative effects.

Marijuana has been legalized in nine states, particularly in the West Coast, but there are negative effects.

We need to do more studies to understand these negative effects.”

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