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Debbie Dingle will reportedly leave the village in Emmerdale next month.

Actress Charley Webb has confirmed she has begun her maternity leave as she prepares to welcome her third child with husband Matthew Wolfenden.

Charley has finished filming on the soap (Credit: ITV)

She tweeted: “First day of maternity leave and the suns shining.

“YES! I’ll be found in the garden sunbathing (for about 20 seconds before one of the kids need me)☀️”

And with the soap typically filming up to six weeks in advance, this means Debbie’s exit could take place on screen at the end of next month.

Fans had been convinced Debbie will leave the show to reunite with ex love Joe Tate after he was revealed to be alive.

However, mentions of Joe have been few and far between of late and the soap has just announced a shock summer death that will rock the village.

Could Debbie be being killed off?

Joe could return for Debbie (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale have been dropping short teaser clips and it has become apparent there will be storylines that will focus on Amy, Nate, Robert, Ellis, Dawn and Tracy.

Tracy’s life looks like it could hang in the balance when she is trapped inside the Sharmas’ factory when a fire breaks out.

Emmerdale viewers have already started speculating who they think will be killed off – with everyone coming under suspicion.

She was left devastated when she learned Joe had decided to stay away and let her think he was dead (Credit: ITV)

On a Digital Spy forum thread a user wrote: “My money is on it being Megan that dies.”

A second put: “It’ll be Kerry. As much as I’ve always admired Laura Norton who plays her, the character she plays is just floating about either being drunk, annoying or both.”

A third added: “It will be Nate who gets killed off.”

Emmerdale boss Laura Shaw teased: “We have a big week at the end of the month – Emmerdeadville as we call it.

“Also in the week we have Sharma drama as a fire rips through the factory. It’s caused by two of our villagers who are up to no good behind Jai and Rihsi’s backs.

“Unbeknown to anyone, Tracy is trapped in the factory and as the fire takes hold, there’s a huge explosion. Will Tracy get out in time?”

But could this just be a red-herring and could Debbie be the one to die?

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