Pokemon Maternity Clothes

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If you love Pokemon, you’re going to love the range of Pokemon maternity clothing pokemon maternity clothesavailable.  When you are pregnant, don’t feel that you need to stick to standard designs and steer clear of cute images.

There’s a huge range of fun maternity clothing out there with quotes, sayings and pictures that allow you to inject some of your own personality into your pregnancy.

So if you are into Pokemon GO, the latest free gaming app that’s seeing people from all over the world venture out in search of Pokemon characters, you may be into Pokemon clothing too, that can easily be added to your maternity wardrobe.

Cute, fun and girly Pokemon maternity clothing designs.

Yellow Pokemon Pikachu Crop Tank Top

This super cute tank top may not be designed to be worn by pregnant women but given the cut, it will be perfect.

The front is 33cm and back 46cm so it allows your baby bump to grow and expand without any discomfort. Better still you can wear it postpartum too so it’s totally value for money and they come in different colors.

Full Length Pokemon Printed Leggings

There’s nothing better than wearing a pair of comfy leggings, especially when you are pregnant.  These Pokemon leggings are full length and covered in an awesome design.  Now, these are not maternity leggings but there is no reason why you need to wear specially designed maternity pants ever.  As long as the waist band is not too tight and you can comfortably wear it under your belly, then these are perfect to wear.

Pokemon Pikachu Women’s 100% Cotton Tank-top

How cute is this pure cotton top? It’s fully machine washable and the Pokemon Pikachu logo will never fade or crack.

Get yourself a t-shirt that is a few sizes larger to accommodate your belly and you’ve got yourself one adorable top.

And it even comes in a spaghetti strap design which can be perfect for when you are breastfeeding.

Pokemon Sweatpants

For a more relaxed look, how about a pair of Pokemon sweatpants. With an elastic waist, you’ll never feel too uncomfortable and if you are a Pokemon nut, you’ll never take them off. In fact these are unisex so you can get a matching pair for your partner and go on a Pokemon GO hunt together.

Pokemon socks

Whilst in labor, many women love wearing socks. Not only can they keep your feet warm, and look cute, but when you are moving around a lot it is nice to have something on your feet.

Look out for socks that are cotton and even with spandex so they will stretch a little (we all know how swollen pregnant feet can be, particularly after a c-section).

What’s important to know about maternity clothing and that is you do not necessarily need to buy a design that is specifically tailored to a baby bump.  Whilst there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed including greater support, many women get through their pregnancy and even breastfeed wearing items from their regular wardrobe.  If you want to splash out and get a cute baby or kids Pokemon top, there are lots of these designs available too.

Would you wear a Pokemon clothing whilst pregnant?

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