Negative Pregnancy Test No Period, Causes of Late Period When Negative Pregnancy Test

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Missed Period and Negative Pregnancy Test

The medical practitioners consider the term of 26-32 days is a normal, healthy menstrual cycle of each woman. This cycle must be consistent every time with small deviation in 1-2 days and it is considered normal range. If woman have similar deviations or there is no cycle at all – this is an alarming signal for a visit to a gynecologist for conducting of a consultation and checkup.

The Causes of a Delay of Menses if There is No Pregnancy

After the done test for pregnancy confirms, as a result, its absence, then one must sort out one’s possible internal problems and failures in the organism.

Disorders of the hormone system are a frequent occurrence, especially of women not so long having born a baby, having consequences of the recent abortions, miscarriages, in other words, when an active alteration of an organism for a new fret progresses.

The delay after the labor is a normal state of physiology. The new mother has the production of prolactin contributing to an emergence of milk and, as a consequence, the temporary stop of menstrual days begins since the first moments of her baby’s life.

The cysts of ovaries are frequent syndrome causing a delay. This disease requires strict timely treatment until the cyst formation managed to increase in the size of the maximum limit.

Some endocrine disease, hypothyroidism, enlargement of a thyroid gland. During such diseases, active male and woman sex hormones are mixed, they are not produced in sufficient amount – it can to cause changes in menstrual cycle or its complete cancellation.

Sometimes the delay can be caused by unhealthy circumstances of life completely not related to diseases:

Sometimes the delay of a menstruation and the positive test may not speak of the possible coming of pregnancy and in these cases it is better to make sure by an examination by a gynecologist and a having a HCG test. Long use of the potent drugs, which produced the severe occurring points, load on general state of a woman’s organism is the key reason of such condition. This situation is rare and only your physician is able to duly assess it and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

What to Do in Case of the Menses Delay?

If there is a delay of mensis and the test is positive – the woman is directed for analyses and a checkup by a gynecologist. In case of the negative test- for ultrasound of the organs of the small pelvis in order to reveal any gynecological disorders, as cystic disease, endometriosis. Having made a special procedure named “a colposcopy”, it is possible to see a picture of condition of the uterine cervix and study, if there are any formations and other inflammatory areas in it.

If the gynecologist did not see any changes, pathologies and diseases from her point of view, one needs to search malfunctions in the organism on the hormonal backdrop and endocrinology. Therefore, the woman needs to undergo an endocrinologist’s advisory for the problem revelation. Having studied the case, the physician will send a patient for necessary blood and urine tests, for the hormones content test, ultrasound of kidneys and adrenals. If the disease is cured as rapidly as possible, menstrual cycle as well will be soon rapidly improved.

Each menstrual period is the same cycle in life of each woman as exchange processes in an organism, digestion of food, defecation. And it is important to duly look after that as for the whole rest. All the factors leading to any disorder should be considerably reduced, do not be banged up about trifles, do not tire out, do not starve and simply correctly nourish with helpful, but not harmful food. And then one can obtain women’s excellent health not depending on any negative influence.

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