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“Our baby is an acrobatic alien”, I said to the boy after my second trim ultrasound. Well it was kinda true- as much as the nice ultrasound man kept showing me arms, legs and the like I could not for the life of me figure out what was what . I could see a cute alien-looking face and the fact that his  legs were folded in and over his head (Like hello- future yoga master ?) but the rest I just nodded and pretended to know what he was saying. Anyway, Im 19 weeks along and kicking off the bump diaries with a few changes in my life…

Stuff doesn’t really fit anymore

Iv noticed people staring at my belly like- did she just eat two pizzas?? NO people, im forming a human inside thank you very much and because he/ she  is being formed … I can no longer fit into my jeans. I have thats why bought a bunch of stuff which I think will also be perfect for me after maternity (cos who wants to be stuck with clothes you will never wear again)  .

So far my favourite places to buy Maternity wear in India are

H&M Mama : The cutest maternity t shirts. They fit well and have a nice little pouch on the belly… They don’t hang like a sack and I live in the gunjees at home. I have all these three above  See here 

Next  & Dorothy Perkins Maternity on Jabong : Specially think this set from Next is quite useful . It has basics you can use.

Regular floor length or short maxy dresses in stretchy fabric.: Bought a bunch of jersey dresses via which I had showed on my insta story. I also think it makes a lot of sense to not buy maternity dresses per se but just regular dresses with an empire waist. This way you can use them later.

Maternity jeans & tights: I bought a pair of maternity jeans from H&M Mama which is  nice but honestly any pair of maternity jeans iv tried Iv found uncomfortable after 3-4 hours. I just dont like that stretchy thing across the tummy. In comparison, maternity tights are a blessing. The H&M ones are good and if you can get a pair from Asos, those ones are amazing. SO comfortable. You can always throw on a loose shirt, with tights and a scarf for easy maternity style

Printed cotton dresses from Anokhi, Nicobar, Fabindia, AND : These are super comfortable and floor length and perfect for summers

Rubber band trick: I also got to know about this rubber band trick and OMG its a lifesaver ! A lot of my jeans fit me well around my legs but they don’t shut because of the tummy, so when you do this, they don’t need to shut . Just wear a long top and voila ! Caution though- don’t wear anything too tight around the belly

The Boy…

Bless the boy , I love him but the man is as clueless as a freaking pumpkin. In the middle of the night , for some reason his arms flail about and somehow manage to smack my tummy right in the centre. Like seriously this is why I have a problem when people say “We are pregnant”. I mean hello- he’s scarfing down sushi and alcohol infront of me without a care in the world. He also doesn’t have nausea, doesn;t have to think about clothes that fit, doesn’t have to worry about getting his blood drawn every two weeks so no . We are not pregnant . We are having a baby. I am pregnant. He is just the male species in the house  trying to be considerate of the pregnant person next to him.

Essentials to buy for baby arrival

Some of you guys on Instagram have been so amazing, I got a full list of reccomendations from a bunch of you on things you need to buy . Also my mommy best friend sent me reccos too and the strange thing is, even though none of you know each other everyone reccomended the exact same things. If you guys want me to do a post on this let me know, cos i found it super useful !!!


My Japa ‘Agent’ was literally the seventh person to know about my pregnancy. For those unitiated, Japas are trained baby nurses which you hire for the first three months. SOme people find them too bossy and hate them, some people love theirs but I have definitely already booked mine. You get them from Calcutta and they cost between 18k-35k a month. (One lady quoted me freaking 40K bro..which made me think this is actually a pretty lucrative career opportunity if you like babies! When I asked her why so expensive, she was like “I get my own homemade lotions and potions”. Umm no thank you). Here are some agent numbers I know of to book your Japa.

Hiralal Agency: 9903030010

Another Agent: 9971923802

Nursery Plans

Advantages of having a brother who is an architect- I can throw stuff at him everyday about what I want my nursery to look like. Given I don’t know whether this kid is a boy or a girl I have to pick a neutral color scheme and so far Im leaning towards yellow , white and grey . I might throw in a bit of turquoise in the middle just for my happyness. That extreme left nursery in the pic- Im pretty sure thats some sheikhs baby- my room will probably accomodate 1/10th of the things there. Oh also, I know it’s the in thing to put inspirational quotes in your baby nursery but hullloooo- the baby wont be able to read it much less understand it Im going to put this one…

Atleast this way, when the baby is pooping and crying and driving me nuts I can look at a wall and giggle.

What Im eating + skincare

This will take another post but no Im not on any special diet. Just that I eat 6 small meals a day instead of 4. If you are having major heartburn, acidity issues try it . If you guys want I can again do a detailed post on my everyday food habits because they have changed a little bit since I got preggers. Also my skincare routine has changed cos I have to eliminate AHA and Retinol from it so if you want a post on that Ill do that too..

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