Maternity Clothes — Do You Really Need Them?

by pregnancy journalist

Here are tips to help you decide.
It’s great news when you find out that you are pregnant, but very soon you will start to think if you need a new wardrobe. You can get by the first couple of months without maternity clothes as the belly takes a little time to grow, but by the fourth month, those jeans refuse to button up and the tees and dresses start to get tight around the waist.
Here are a few reasons, we at Morph Maternity believe it’s worth investing in good quality maternity wear.

The Fit During Pregnancy

Regular women clothing is cut with the fabric for front and back panels laid together making two panels of the equal widths. So when the pregnant belly starts to grow, the front panel becomes tight at the belly. The growing belly also causes the garment to get lifted at the hem-line which makes it look awkward.
So, most women seeking comfort gravitate towards larger-size clothing which tends to look frumpy all over.
Larger size garments droop at the shoulders and still ride up at the hem-line. They are not flattering during pregnancy and don’t look good when the baby arrives too. So, making an investment for larger size clothing is not prudent at all.
At Morph Maternity, when we cut the fabric, we cut the front and back panels separately and make the front panel roomier than the back panel. We have studied the Indian woman pregnant body for over 8 years and with the size range we offer, we ensure that the garment flatters the belly with a perfect fit through 9 months of pregnancy.

The Fit Post Pregnancy

As only the front panel is cut larger, the fit of the garment is great even after the baby arrives.

Maternity Now — Nursing Later

At Morph, we ensure that an investment into maternity wear goes a long way as these outfits double up as breastfeeding clothes when the baby arrives. We cleverly hide openings for nursing the baby discreetly.
Morph has a range of Indian kurtis , tops , dresses and sleep wear that actually ‘MORPH’ from being maternity clothes into breastfeeding clothes for later.

Maternity Bottoms

When the baby belly starts to grow, it needs room and your old pants will not fit any more. You will need comfortable pants with stretchy belly panels that look good and give support through the pregnancy. And after the baby arrives, the belly takes a few months to go back to its pre-pregnancy shape and even during this phase, good maternity bottoms come in handy.
So, investing cleverly in some maternity clothes is not only practical but a necessity too. They make you look great and keep you comfortable during pregnancy and later too.
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