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Controversial Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin has revealed the reason why she is yet to get pregnant since she got married.

Recalls that 4 months ago, the successful entrepreneur tied the knot with her longtime lover and since then, she is yet to get pregnant.

According to Lizzy, she has been confronted by different people who wants to know if she is pregnant. The fashionista however denied the claims, adding that her husband has not been active in bed for a while now because of an accident that affected his manhood.

Lizzy further mentioned that the doctors advised that he should not stress his manhood for now, adding that there is a vacancy for any man who can take her husband’s position for now.

Although many believe the actress was being sarcastic but there is also a saying that says there is an element to truth in every rumor.

Watch her video below;

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In another news, some weeks ago, Liz Anjorin revealed how a woman can win the completely hijack the love of her husband.

In a post she made on her Instagram page addressing the issue of husband-snatching in her religion, Liz Anjorin intimated that once you are dating girlfriend in Islam, she automatically becomes your wife.

Liz Anjorin recommended the ‘Lizzy Total Package’ to her female fans which consists of various products and that a woman can use to wow her husband and become his husband.

She wrote

‘Ladies be aware that in Islam nothing like HUSBAND SNATCHER..even as ordinary girlfriend to my Muslim brothers you ve automatically become wife, if you now officiate ur relationship with NIKAI you don become authentic wife..

Doing court wedding in Islam doesn’t stop our brother from marrying another woman.

My dear sister the only way you can be well honor with huge respect is to be your husband shoulder with your stand ..Dress well with lizzy Anjorin clothings, Take care of your hair with IRUMINJOLO full kits. Take care of your skin with SOYOYO & PONMON FUNFUN with full kits..thinkless about MY HUSBAND WILL MARRY ANOTHER WOMAN.. .Work more on LIZZY TOTAL PACKAGE 📦 NI MA FI LE EVERYBODY PA 😝🤪😂 You will end up been your husband hand bag with IGBEREGA ONI CURRY FLAVOUR ….”, she wrote.

Just. Recently Lizzy Anjorin came out to explain why her only daughter had to learn tailoring at yaba and then slams those people calling her and her husband jobless.

So, why are they calling Liz Anjorin and her husband jobless?

This is simply because Liz and her husband got married one month ago since they got married they have been releasing Lizs of videos and photos on social media platforms.

However, Liz Anjorin has come out to say why they did this, and also slams the people attacking her.

In her words, ” Don’t let our 16 hours of photoshoot make you miserable on social media, Mr. Lawal and I work with no rest, since our wedding we never rest for 48 hours to date, we stay under the sun, till one of us collapse at times. We don’t sleep, we don’t even remember to eat at times, so people around me, many people caution him to rest or sleep, he will just smile because we are both workaholics and restless souls. When it comes to putting food on our table, not just me and Mr. Lawal, most legit people you see that looks good on social media, don’t sleep they might not show you the hustle side. My photoshoot is to sell my men and women attire soyoyo, kpomo funfun, irunmijolo, lands, and properties. Don’t be miserable, borrow blames from your ancestors, we are not jobless to be dancing 247,na hustle we dey .16 hours of photoshoot dey attracts up to 400k/ 500k in my own Area, use your time to learn handwork, you are not too young or old to mend your purpose in life, photographer don dey charge 200k/400k for 10 attires, makeup 150k, gele 150k, just for you to enjoy behind the scene, you dey shout bless people, ogbeni na your brain dey jobless.

She also explained why her daughter had to go and learn tailoring at yaba, this was how she narrated it,

“My own daughter wish to roll like that celebrity lifestyle but the demands on her shoulders are too heavy, so she started learning tailoring during her holidays, since her secondary school days, she later learnt makeup and still went to yaba to learnt gele with rags, just to disguise to learn it. Today she is independent and she is living large when it’s time for her to hit social media, hope you will not be shouting, shut up not be your mama pack money give you?.

Also, Mr. Lawal will love to stay off social media, unfortunately, he is a man that will do anything for me to make my business grow. I kept him for 14 years, na una carry hand turn him to celebrity, and I will make anything to make her remain, superstar, till eternity, try and see me and Mr. Lawal in real life before you envy our videos on social media, you will see our the meaning of determination you go fear and run”. This was what she wrote.

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