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We are delighted that Lisa completed the 10k Richmond Runfest at Kew.  Lisa had turned to running to help her “get fit” and also process what had happened.   She now wants to keep pushing herself and see what she can achieve, she has even uttered the words a ‘marathon!’

Lisa’s Story

It has been exactly 2 years since I was admitted to West Middlesex Hospital with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy which resulted in emergency surgery and a blood transfusion having lost 2 litres of blood. This was my second ectopic pregnancy and, as such, we have been told that it is in mine and my families best interest that we do not have any more children. This pregnancy was meant to be our last child, but sadly this was not to be.

Throughout this whole ordeal and from the very first ectopic pregnancy back in 2010, the one place I was able to gain information and support was from The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. I had never even heard about this complication until I had experienced it first hand, so all the knowledge and support I could gain in the immediate days following was invaluable and went on to be so relevant in 2016 too.

It affects 1 in 80 pregnancies in the UK so I thank God that I am still here to tell my story and to be wife to Paul and mother to my three gorgeous children. The loss of a wanted child and pregnancy is tough and there is no doubt that we will remember these dates forever.

However, being able to give back to a charity that has helped me and my family is part of the healing. I took up running at the beginning of the year partly to ‘get fit’ but also to give me head space to think and process. I have to say it has become addictive and I certainly notice when I do not run!

The 10k Richmond Runfest run went really well and I managed to do better than expected finishing in 1 hour 14 minutes. This has been part of a long journey for me and at 9k I cried with the relief that not only had I achieved something I never thought possible but I had also been able to do something in remembrance of my lost babies and the life I very nearly lost 2 years ago. It was an absolute honour to wear the vest and to raise money for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

If you feel inspired to tackle a challenge at the same time as raising funds and awareness please do take a look at our fundraising section.

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