Ladies: Lets Have A Discussion On Ectopic Pregnancy

by pregnancy journalist

If you are young, female and sexually active this information is just for you, Lets have a discussion on ectopic pregnancy.

Basically, a normal pregnancy develops inside the uterus ( womb)

A pregnancy is said to be ectopic when it develops else where other than original home (womb).

Sometimes the pregnancy may develop in the fallopian tube, the cervix which is the entrance of the womb or the ovaries.

How does ectopic pregnancy happen!

Well, for a pregnancy to occur, a sperm from a semen and a female egg must hook up or let’s say fertilize.

After a successful fertilization, the fertilized egg travels to the uterus where it attached itself so it can grow and mature into a baby till its term.

In the case of ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg doesn’t attach itself to the uterus, instead, it may enter the fallopian tubes, our abdominal cavity or even the cervix.

Since we have pregnancy at an abnormal location, the live baby growing in tubes, rather than the womb, it presents very dangerous complications later on because as the fetus grows bigger the tubes are forced to expand.

Now that we have enlightened ourselves, let’s move on to causes, symptoms and treatment of ectopic pregnancy swiftly.

Unfortunately there are no exact cause of ectopic pregnancy, it mostly happens to certain individuals with risk factors.

In fact any factor that can disrupt the travelling of the implantation of the fetus is attributed to it.

Mainly if one of your fallopian tubes is damaged by an infection, or previous surgery or a congenital effect, it may not allow the fertilised egg to pass the womb causing the egg to implant in the fallopian tube or anywhere else.

Common symptoms

1. Firstly missing of periods
2. Cramps and tummy pains
3. Profuse bleeding through the vagina
4. Lower abdominal pain which is often at one side
5. Severe tummy cramps
6. Vomiting and diarrhoea
7. Dizziness, weakness and finally collapse.

If unfortunately the tubes rapture after the force expansion, there can be serious internal bleeding that can lead to the woman’s death.

Since it’s internal bleeding, its mostly detected at the last minute when doctors can’t do anything about it hence the patient dies.

If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy, see your doctor immediately. Ectopic pregnancy can be diagnosed by either physical examination or ultrasound.

After the doctor has confirmed it, the doctor may prescribe medications for you to prevent the ectopic mass from bursting or rapturing your fallopian tube or most at times if its detected early its surgically removed.

Will having ectopic pregnancy affect your chances of having a child?

Basically, it depends on the affected fallopian tube, each woman is having 2 tubes unless of cause its a congenital effect or you were born with it to have one.

The good news is about 6 out of 10 women who have had ectopic pregnancy are able to have a child or two after.

What should you do after having ectopic pregnancy?

Giving yourself time to heal, both physically and emotionally is very critical. Above all never blame yourself.

Try to confide in someone you trust.

Can ectopic pregnancy be prevented?

It cannot be prevented but a woman can reduce her risk by protecting herself from STDs, through safer sex practices and ensuring prompt treatments after an infection occurs.

Secondly, if you are a habitual alcoholic or even smoker whether wee, cigarettes, tobacco or even the famous shisha kindly stop because it increases your risk of ectopic pregnancy.

By: Amma Adutwumwaa (Medical Student)
Vitebsk State Medical University,Belarus

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