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by pregnancy journalist

Even though hospitals do all they can to care for their patients, once someone has been treated for an ectopic pregnancy there is always the next emergency to deal with and someone else’s life to save. With the best will in the world, hospital resources can only go so far and, while hospitals are able to treat the physical trauma associated with an ectopic pregnancy, they cannot be there in the coming weeks, months and, in some case, years while the patient overcomes the emotional trauma of an ectopic pregnancy.

Once the physical threat is dealt with, a woman (and her family) must come to terms emotionally with losing her baby, losing part or all of her fertility, facing her own mortality and with the physical trauma associated with a major invasive procedure. After this, there is the stress of the patient deciding when they are ready to try to conceive again and the associated pressures they, naturally, put on themselves while trying, as well as the many, many questions. Once the patient becomes pregnant again, rather than joy there is the fear of ‘what if it is another ectopic pregnancy?’ … we can provide the resource that the hospital cannot by providing the emotional support network and access to information that the patient needs in the short and long term after their ectopic pregnancy.

Our FREE patient-orientated literature is the product of ongoing consultation with doctors, nurses and patients and is continually revised and peer reviewed.  It is designed to ensure that doctors and nurses involved in the counselling process are able to give tailored, quality information about the patient’s condition and treatment in a consistent format to help to ensure that each patient is fully informed at the point of treatment. It also provides an introduction and a gateway to the EPT’s services where they can find long-term support and access to more detailed information.

The leaflet packs that can be distributed to patients are tailored to their individual type of treatment as follows:

There is also an additional leaflet on Chlamydia that can be included. These packs are designed to be given to the patient at the point where a treatment plan for the ectopic pregnancy has been agreed between patient and health care team. Each pack carefully details information about the treatment and what to expect from recovery.

Our research shows that patients who feel informed at the point of treatment or shortly thereafter, achieve a faster and more complete recovery from this life threatening condition.

If you are based in the UK and would like to receive the literature produced by the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust to supply to your hospital patients, please email or telephone 020 7096 1838 to arrange delivery.

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