How to Store Maternity Clothes

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Choose an Off-Site Unit
Do you have room in your home for maternity clothes? Between your baby’s gear, their clothes, and the new room they’ve taken over (in other words, the nursery), your home may suddenly seem smaller. Chances are you won’t need these items again for months or years to come. Instead of taking up valuable space, consider an off-site self-storage unit.
A self-storage rental allows you to move everything you won’t wear right now out of the house — without having to throw or give it away. This means you can keep every shirt, pair of pants, coat, or dress for your next pregnancy.
Sort the Maternity Items
You don’t necessarily have to move everything into storage immediately. It’s possible you’ll need or want to wear some of your maternity clothing in the weeks or months following childbirth. Before you box or bin anything, sort your maternity wear into organized categories.
Start with two categories — keep at home and store. Only keep items you will reasonably wear in the immediate future. These pieces should still fit, feel comfortable, and match the current season. Everything that doesn’t fit in the to-wear group should go into storage.
After you have two main categories, you can break down the rest of your maternity items into smaller groupings. Categorize maternity wear by item type (such as pants, shorts, dresses, or shirts), season, color, or occasion.
Anything you absolutely won’t wear again or that has irreparable damage should go into a separate pile. Give away or donate items in decent condition, and throw away anything with noticeable wear and tear.
Clean Everything
Never store dirty clothing. Food or beverage stains will set over time and can attract pests. Thoroughly clean and dry each piece before self-storage. Damp clothes can hold moisture while in storage. This can result in mold growth and a musty odor.
Use Clear Storage Bins
Keep your maternity clothing safe in sealable, plastic storage bins. Fold casual clothes, and neatly stack the pieces in each bin. Use one container for each category (type, season, style, or other group) of clothing.
Not only do plastic storage bins provide an airtight way to reduce the risks of moisture and dust-related damage, but these containers make it easy to find the clothes when you’re ready to remove them from storage. Cardboard boxes and solid-colored bins require you to open each one to find out what’s inside. This wastes time and energy you might not have when you’re expecting your second or third child.
Bag Bulky Items
Maternity coats and other similar bulky items may not fit neatly into bins. Save space and reduce your overall storage costs with garbage bags and large-sized duffels.
Garbage bags are an economical option. But if the bag breaks mid-move or while in storage, it could cost you in cleaning or replacement-related expenses. Avoid cheap or flimsy bags. Instead, use thick, heavy-duty or contractor bags to reduce the breakage risk.
Roll or fold the maternity wear and stack it inside the bag. Tie the top together tightly before you store the items. Check for gaps or breaks in the bag before you place it in your self-storage rental unit.
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