How to reverse infertility in females & get pregnant

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How to reverse infertility in females & get pregnant by using natural herbs  

There are many problems in women that cause infertility like worms in the uterus, deficiency of vitamin D-3, production of immature eggs, weak uterus, disturbance in hormonespoly and cystic ovary problem. Even the issue in thyroid glands can prevent you to get pregnant. There should be an easy way to get relief from all these problems instead of using expensive medication. Here, I am telling you about a simple natural treatment of your problem to reverse infertility in females. Just try it and get positive results.

Reverse infertility in females by using Grewia asiatica at home


  • Tesu/Palaash wood (powder), fifty grams
  • Betel nuts (powder), fifty grams
  • Grewia asiatica seeds (powder), twenty grams


  1. Firstly, take a clean bowl.
  2. Then, take Tesu or Palaash wood.
  3. Now, blend them well in the blender to make a powder.
  4. Later, add fifty grams of this powder into the bowl.
  5. Now, take Betel nuts.
  6. Then, again take a blender and blend the betel nuts until it becomes powder.
  7. After that, pour fifty grams of this powder into the bowl.
  8. Then, take twenty gram seeds of Grewia Asiatica.
  9. Now, dry them under the sunshine.
  10. Later, pour them into the blender and blend them well to make a powder.
  11. Now, unite all the ingredients in the bowl
  12. Then, take a clean jar or a container.
  13. Now, add this powder into it to store for longer use.
  14. Finally, the powder is ready to use.

How to use

  1. Use this powder regularly one tbsp before breakfast and one tbsp before dinner.
  2. Drink a glass of water immediately after the intake of this powder.
  • Use this remedy for three months and avoid in days of periods.

You can reverse infertility in females by using this useful natural treatment.

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