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Kimberly Holmes-Iverson didn’t think that she would get pregnant by her deceased husband. But thanks to modern technology, a supportive new husband, and sheer force of will, that’s exactly what happened.

Five years ago, Holmes-Iverson’s husband was killed in a tragic accident in Florida, making her a 35-year-old widow.

“Investigators still have not been able to charge the driver of the first car or track down the driver of the second car,” she said to CafeMom. “That still-open hit-and-run homicide killed not only my husband but also the life and dreams I had imagined, including what I believed would be a future with children.”

Before she got pregnant by her deceased husband, Holmes-Iverson and her late husband, Rasheed Wiggins, led a charmed life. She was a reporter who was working in her chosen field, making great money, and even being able to afford nice vacations.

After Wiggins died, however, she went into a tailspin, and perhaps rightly so.

But thanks to therapy, chats with her grandmother, and her unwavering faith, Holmes-Iverson was able to pull off a miracle.

Before she got pregnant by her deceased husband, Holmes-Iverson connected with the man that would become her husband: Darian Iverson. And she shared with him the idea of getting pregnant using Wiggins’ genetic material — and, amazingly, he was very supportive.

“Darian and I decided to name our child Kiran, which is both a combination of our names and means light,” she said. “For sometimes, in your darkest hour, if you give yourself time and do the hard work of wading through the pain to try to reach your healing, you find your light.”

Sometimes, then, it’s not about the destination, but a journey — and what a beautiful journey this was. Congratulations are in order to Darian and Kimberly Holmes-Iverson!

To read Kimberly Holmes-Iverson’s beautiful story in her own words, click here.

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