How One Mom Avoided Maternity Clothes Throughout Her Pregnancy!

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How One Mom Avoided Maternity Clothes Throughout Her Pregnancy!

What if I told you that I know someone who went her ENTIRE PREGNANCY without wearing maternity clothes?! Crazy, right?! But true. A good friend of mine, Melissa of Love Like Johnny and June, went all 40+ weeks without ever wearing a piece of maternity clothing. She’s one of the most stylish gals I know and she kept her fabulous style the entire way through! (Because I know you were thinking at first that she must have just worn sweatpants and hoodies! Ha!) Here is how she managed to stay comfy and look stylish without spending a dime on maternity clothes…

  • First Baby

    Because this was Melissa’s first baby, she didn’t get a “bump” for quite some time. This helped her a ton in the maternity department!

  • Dresses Galore

    Melissa didn’t wear a lot of pants or jeans to begin with, so wearing dresses was no big deal!

  • The Elastic Waistband is Your Friend

    Almost every “bottom” piece Melissa wore had an elastic waistband. This stretchy chevron skirt was perfect for her growing belly!

  • Dresses with Some Give

    So many dresses made nowadays are made out of super-stretchy fabric. With a longer dress, these kinds of outfits can last all the way until your due date!

  • Flowy Shirts

    Flowy shirts were one of Melissa’s go-to wardrobe pieces throughout her pregnancy!

  • Cute Accessories

    Instead of giving up her style, Melissa embraced it! She continued to do her hair and wear her favorite accessories!

  • Leggings to the Rescue

    Leggings are a pregnant woman’s best friend. With a lot of give and the ability to wear them over or under your belly, leggings lasted Melissa throughout her pregnancy!

  • Oversized Tops

    Oversized tops, sweaters, and jackets are so trendy right now! It’s not hard to make these one-size-fits-all items work for your pregnancy!

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