How Long To Get A Positive Pregnancy Test?

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How long to get a positive pregnancy test? You need to wait for the missed period or due date to get a positive pregnancy test. Two weeks wait is the period between conception and BFP. Length of the menstrual cycle can affect the waiting period after conceiving.

A positive pregnancy test result is the happiest thing a woman gets to see when she is trying to get pregnant. On the other hand, for a woman who doesn’t want to conceive, a positive test is bad news.

What is a positive pregnancy test?

A positive pregnancy test is the result of pregnancy test which appears when a test is positive. A positive test means that the female is positive for pregnancy and that is she is pregnant. 

In medical science, the presence of a particular medical condition is Positive, and the absence is Negative.

What happens when a positive pregnancy test appears?

Positive pregnancy test means that a chemical reaction has occurred and the hCG strip has detected hCG hormone in your urine.

This hormone comes typically in your urine in sufficient quantities after implantation.


How does a test tell if you are pregnant or not?

A pregnancy test has hCG antibodies. These are detector particles for hCG present in your urine. A pregnant woman has hCG in her urine exclusively. This is why it becomes easy to detect pregnancy using urine hCG as a marker.

If hCG is present in your urine, then the pregnancy test will be able to detect pregnancy. The time for hCG to come in your urine is the time to wait before getting a positive pregnancy test.

A normal woman takes at least 4 to 5 days after implantation to have enough hCG at the earliest. Implantation is the process of attachment of your baby’s cell to your uterus.

The placenta forms after implantation. The placenta is a temporary endocrine gland in a pregnant woman that forms hCG.

Once there is enough hCG in your urine the pregnancy test will give a positive result.

When should I take the pregnancy test?

Doctors recommend waiting until the day of the missed period before taking a home pregnancy test. Taking a pregnancy test to early can give a false negative result and mislead you.

A woman on birth control might restart her birth control course after getting a false negative result. The consequences will be damaging to her pregnancy.

However, many pregnancy tests claim to be able to detect pregnancy six days before missed period. In that case, you can take the pregnancy test after implantation.

You must use an early morning urine sample to take a pregnancy test. You should take a pregnancy test in the morning. This ensures that your urine hCG level is enough for detection of pregnancy by the home pregnancy test

Urine hCG positive after implantation

Urine hCG positive after implantation occurs after about five days. It is the time required for placenta formation and the onset of hCG synthesis. A placenta is a tissue that helps in exchange of food, fluids, and waste between you and your baby.

Urine hCG positive after implantation is after crossing threshold of 25 mIU/mL. An hCG concentration less than that is not considered pregnant

How early can I take a pregnancy test?

The earliest you can take a pregnancy test is after implantation. This occurs about a week after conception. Conception occurs within a day of having sex. If you have sex in the fertile window period, then the chances are that you’ll conceive on the day or next.

What are the various ways of showing a positive pregnancy test?

How early can you get a positive pregnancy test?

It is minimum time you have to wait for after each incident for taking the pregnancy test to get a positive result.

How long to get a positive pregnancy test?

Can you get a positive pregnancy test at three weeks?

Indeed this is the most obvious date for getting a positive pregnancy test. The sure shot day for getting a positive result is only after a week from implantation. And after three weeks every woman has enough hCG.

After three weeks if you are pregnant, there is hardly any normal thing that could happen to prevent getting a positive pregnancy test. Positive pregnancy at three weeks is the most assured pregnancy test result.

Pregnancy tests detect hCG levels above 25 mIU/mL. This hCG level is attainable within one week from implantation. Implantation itself occurs after one week from conception. So roughly on the safe side, three weeks positive pregnancy test is more probable.

Hence it is very much probable that you will get a positive pregnancy test result after one to three weeks from implantation.

Please note that three weeks here are concerning your pregnancy. This means three weeks after conceiving and not any random three weeks.

Spotting and positive pregnancy test

Some women might confuse that spotting indicates that they can’t get a positive pregnancy test. Spotting during pregnancy is common throughout all three trimesters. If you get a positive pregnancy test, then this spotting cannot be implantation bleeding.

Spotting during pregnancy with cramps and pains needs medical attention. However, pregnancy spotting and brown discharge is nothing to worry.

What to do after getting a positive pregnancy test?

After getting a positive pregnancy test, one needs to go to the doctor and get herself tested for pregnancy.

Followed by this are the follow-up visits as scheduled by your doctor. Once you have conceived, you have to be very cautious in the first few months and take a lot of care about what you eat and change your lifestyle.

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