How long Prince William gets for paternity leave

by pregnancy journalist

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spending those precious first few days with their new son.

It’s an extremely special time for any new parents, and it’s no different if you’re royal and the baby happens to be fifth in line to the throne.

And just like all mums and dads Kate and Wills, who welcomed a baby boy weighing 8oz 7lb on Monday , are allowed to take some time off work.

Obviously work is a bit different from them, and they’re not taking a break from eight hours sitting in the office, but work is still work.

The royal couple will get to spend some quality time with their new arrival

Back in 2013 when Prince George was born, Wills was working as a Sea King helicopter pilot at RAF Valley in Anglesey.

Like every other new father, he took the Government’s Ordinary Paternity Leave scheme, which meant he was entitled to two weeks at home and £273.56.

He did the same in 2015 with Princess Charlotte, when he was working as an air ambulance helicopter pilot.

After her birth the family only spent a few days in London before heading back to their Norfolk home, where they remained the for the rest of his fortnight break.

Prince William was working as a air ambulance helicopter pilot when Charlotte was born

royal family went to church on Easter Sunday , but it wasn’t an official event so doesn’t count as work.

She was back to work very soon after her last two births.

She attended her first official event just six weeks after welcoming Princess Charlotte.

It’s a special time for all new families

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding at Windsor Castle .

There will also be Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank in October to look forward to.

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