Hold an EPTea Party to mark our 20th anniversary and raise funds and awareness for the EPT — The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

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The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust has been supporting women and families experiencing ectopic pregnancy for 20 years

Join us in marking this occasion by holding an EPTea Party and we will send you a limited edition EPT20 tea towel for free! Your EPTea Party can help ensure that women and families can continue to turn to The EPT for information and support in their time of need. Anyone can host their own EPTea Party, with donations on the day kindly made to the EPT.

For the cost of a cuppa and a slice of cake we can… provide seven people with leaflets to help them understand their treatment and recovery… distribute ten copies of our posters highlighting symptoms and emotional toll… operate our helpline service for half an hour…

Hosting your EPTea Party is easy – all you have to do is sign-up and we will send you what you need to get planning!

We have lots of handy hints and tips including our special EPTea Party poster, cake flags and even cookie cutters and recipes for inspiration!

Download our guide How to organise your EPTea Party  (PDF)

Want to advertise your EPTea Party? Download our EPTea Party poster  (PDF)

For inspiration, check out our Cookies and Cakes Recipe Cards (PDF) which are full of our favourite recipes.

Why not buy our special tulip design cookie cutters to add a unique touch to your EPTea Party.

You can print off our EPTea Party Cake Flags (PDF) to adorn your cupcake creations.

Request your free EPTea Party fundraising pack by emailing our Fundraising Coordinator at fundraising.coordinator@ectopic.org.uk.

All you need to know to make your EPTea Party a piece of cake!

An EPTea Party fundraising event is a low-cost, easy to arrange event to hold. With a little planning and thought it can be be a huge success.

Where’s there’s tea, there’s hope — Arthur Wing Pinero

Many of the women we speak to recount how a cup of tea and piece of cake with a friend or family member can provide some much-needed comfort during their recovery. If you fancy a cuppa with friends and raising awareness and funds at the same time, then why not hold your very own EPTea Party.

Tweet about it: #EPTea

Choosing the right place and time

Choose a date, venue and size that suits you and start spreading the word. The venue you choose will determine a great deal about how and what you need to prepare. Will it be an intimate gathering? Will it be hosted in your own home, outdoors or at your local community centre or club or your local tea shop?

Consider how many people are likely to attend and make sure you have access to water and power and have plenty of cups and teabags at the ready!

Widening support and raising awareness for the EPT and EPTea Party!

To let local businesses know what you’re doing, provide them with your “letter of authorisation” and an EPT “handout” this will raise awareness and you never know they may offer up free food, drink and raffle prizes. Try your local bakers to see if they will prepare a customised cake for use as a raffle prize or for sale by the slice.

Also ask friends for help with the organising. Two heads are better than one and twice the fun!

Hosting ideas for your EPTea Party

EPTea for 22 at 2

Promotion is key try and make it catchy playing around with numbers attending, prices, times so it sticks in people’s minds – “EPTea for 22 at £2 each”

Fancy Afternoon EPTea

Serve a traditional afternoon tea for your friends and family don’t forget cucumber sandwiches and scones with jam and clotted cream. Bring out the vintage crockery and tiered cake plate!

G&EPT party

For the adults who prefer something a little stronger! Invite your friends over for a G&T, Long Island Iced Tea or tea cocktail.

EPTea & TV party

Invite your friends round for a cuppa in front of the box. Watching re-runs of your favourite programs. Perhaps have a pre-event vote or auction for what gets shown.

Promote your event

Use posters provided to let others know about your fundraising EPTea Party. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are an effective way to reach people quickly and easily. Use the hashtag #EPTea. We can help you with your press release to promote your event to your local media – newspapers and radio. Include anything original or quirky to help your story stand out. After your event, send them a follow up release thanking everyone involved. Include a photo of your party and a paragraph on the specific ‘positive impact’ the funds raised will deliver.

Add extra sweeteners!

There are plenty of ways to raise extra sponsorship at your EPTea Party event. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Keep out of hot water!

Please ensure your event runs safely and smoothly. You will not wish to incur loss, damage or injury as a result of fundraising. Depending on the venue, check out the insurance cover you might require. Take care when serving hot drinks, particularly around young children. Always ensure any food you’re providing has been stored at an appropriate temperature, hygienically prepared and thoroughly cooked and following food safety guidance is essential.

After the crumbs have been swept up

Don’t forget to thank everyone involved – from those who attended your EPTea Party fundraiser to those who helped you promote it. Let them know how it went and how much they helped to raise. Please also tell us at the EPT how your EPTea Party went and we’d love to see your photos. Finally, please don’t forget to pay in the money you have raised see the money return form.

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