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Many couples around the world want to have twins, but the chances of this happening stand at a meager 3%. However, doctors have now revealed how you can increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins!

According to experts, your diet, ethnicity, genetics and general lifestyle play a big part in your suitability for twins. You can increase your chances by following the steps below.

Understanding what your current chances are

Here’s how you can increase your chances of conceiving twins:

Older women have more chances of conceiving twins, although they are less probable to get pregnant. At the age of 40, the chances of conceiving twins rise up to 7%, while at 45%, the chances are up to 17%. Older women undergoing IVF have also a bigger chance of conceiving twins.

What can you do to improve your chances?

People with insufficient levels of nutrients are less likely to have twins. Vitamins, particularly folic acid are easily available and can considerably improve your chances of conceiving twins. Folic acid is recommended for all women during pregnancy due to its ability to prevent birth defects. However, you should limit your daily intake to 1000 mg.

Eat nutrient-rich foods

Malnourished people have drastically lower chances of getting twins. Consult your doctor for a diet which will help you get nourished and gain weight.

Eat more dairy and yams

These foods are related to conceiving twins in some cultures. According to a study, women who consume dairy products while trying to get pregnant have 5 times bigger chances of conceiving twins. The Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) found in cows’ liver is believed to be the catalyst for the process.

Other studies have shown that cow’s milk treated with rBGH hormones can also increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins.

One African tribe whose diet is rich in yams have 4 times higher twin birth rate that the global average. The nutrients in the vegetable are responsible for stimulating the ovaries in producing more than a single egg during ovulation. And, while some doctors are skeptical about yams, there is no harm in trying the delicious method.

Knowing the right time for stopping birth control pills

These pills should not be taken before trying to get pregnant. When you stop taking them, the body goes into overdrive, working hard to re-regulate hormones and sometimes releasing 2 eggs instead of 1.


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