finding joy in maternity clothes

by pregnancy journalist

These pants were gifted from Pink Blush Maternity. However, as always all opinions and views are 100% my own.

Hi Friends!

We are officially 12 weeks into this twin pregnancy journey, woohoo! If you saw me walking around though you would think my 12 week belly looked more like a 5 month belly. As to no surprise I had to step out of my regular clothes and into maternity clothes pretty early on.

For those of you who have shopped for maternity clothes, some times it can seem like you can’t find anything perfect or that makes you feel pretty or like your usual self. This is one of the reasons why I love Pink Blush Maternity so much. They have so many styles similar to those I would shop for during my non-pregnancy days.

It is so important to still remain feeling like yourself and finding joy in your new body. One way I like to do so is by finding maternity pieces similar to those from non-pregnancy, like these side zipper maternity pants!

They are so comfortable. They are my first pair of maternity pants from Pink Blush and I LOVE the material they make the belly band top from, I don’t have the issues of them riding down. The side zipper and skinny leg denim style keeps me feeling young and still stylish.

One of my favorite aspects is how easy it is to find something to wear them with, I can throw on a plain crew neck or even a cute sweater and it all looks great. They are one of my favorite ways to style up a very comfortable look. These are totally my feel good pants and I am so happy I have found pieces to make me feel comfortable in my ever so growing body.

Finding joy in getting dressed during pregnancy can seem like the impossible. PinkBlush Maternity has cute pieces to make you feel like YOU. #maternity #maternityfashion #maternityclothes #maternitypants #pinkblushmaternity #pinkblush #mammabearsays #pregnantbody #pregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #pregnantwithtwins

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