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Childcare is still considered a woman’s work in Africa, but things are slowly changing.

Over the years, some countries have even gone ahead to include paternity leave for fathers in addition to the maternity leave bestowed to mothers.

The discussion about paternity leave has been ongoing for many countries, including Nigeria. The lower house in Nigeria recently rejected a paternity leave bill, with the reason that the economy and culture is still not ready for it.

Some countries such as Algeria, Mali, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania do not have paternity leave per se, they only provide a few days for the fathers to be absent from work after their spouses’ delivery.

However, there are countries that have provided paid paternity leave for five days or more.

Kenyan man working on a Computer. Photo: Wiki CC

In Kenya, men get two weeks of paid paternity.  The applicant does not need to write a notice to proceed to paternity leave but their employer may ask for one.  However, the rule is only restricted to only ‘recognized wife’.   This means that if the partner is not recognized by the employers, chances of getting paternity leave reduces.

A market in Port Louis. Photo: Wiki CC

Fathers get five continuous working days of leave in Mauritius. They are required to provide a medical certificate indicating their spouse has given birth as well as a written statement he has signed to show he is living with the spouse under the same room for the leave to be granted.

The paternity leave may start a week after the child’s birth and be on a full pay as long as the worker has been with the company for at least 12 months before the birth.

Gabon, Cameroon, Chad, Ivory Coast and Madagascar, Togo

In these countries, paternity leave is covered in family allowance leave or what is referred to as ‘family events concerning the workers’ home’.   Fathers can take up to 10 days paid leave upon the birth of their children.

A man in the streets of Ethiopia. Photo: Wiki CC.

In Ethiopia, male workers can get five days of leave in case of an exceptional or serious event. The leave is unpaid.

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