{Fashion} Maternity Clothes for Genderqueer Parents

by pregnancy journalist

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to create a maternity line for queer, masculine, and trans parents-to-be.
By: Steffi Buchler

I first heard about the new pregnancy line Butchbaby & Co. after stumbling over a touching video that was shared last week with the message #CelebrateAllMothers.

Intrigued by the name and concept, I did some research on the women behind this video – and came across a project that promises well for all non-feminine identifying mothers to be…

On her website, CEO and founder of Butchbaby & Co., Vanessa Newman (pictured), explains that it all started when she and her college best friend started thinking about having children at some point in their lives.

“The thing was, the both of us are butch,” says Newman. “Whenever we envisioned our future together, the dream always stopped short at carrying children.

“We both knew we wanted to, but we could never imagine what we’d wear.”

To fight the lack of alternative for other childbearing parents-to-be, she decided to create her own label, Butchbaby & Co, together with co-founder and CEO Michelle Janayea.

Their mission is to deliver alternity wear – a play on the words alternative and maternity – to gender nonconforming individuals.

“Pregnancy does not have to be hyper-feminine,” says Newman. “Pregnancy belongs to all those who can carry a child; regardless of sexual orientation or gender presentation.”

Although the label is still in the works, Butchbaby & Co. is hoping to launch their eight-piece lifestyle collection at the end of this year. Their clothing will be nursing-friendly and several sizes, including plus size, are also planned.

To stay updated on the birth of Butchbaby & Co.’s first collection, subscribe here or help Newman and Janayea finance their project by donating what you can.

Steffi Buchler is a contributing writer for various publications. She can be reached at @steffibuchler.

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