‘Difference for working mums’: Free kinder, more after-school care on the way

by pregnancy journalist

“Labor should not be taking 10 years to implement this funding,” she said. “The government should halve this target so that all three-year-olds can have access to quality early education.”

Julie Sonnemann, acting program director of school education at the Grattan Institute, said the package would “make a big difference to working mothers who have taken a hit in 2020 due to COVID”.

Ms Sonnemann said while she hoped the announcement would go some way to increasing participation rates among disadvantaged children, cheaper kinder probably wasn’t enough to result in big rises.

Sam Page, chief executive of Early Childhood Australia, welcomed the announcement and said two years of funded kinder would help children who are at risk of falling behind before they start school.

Jay Weatherill, chief executive of Thrive by Five, which advocates for universally accessible childcare for all Australian children, said the childcare system in Australia had become one of the most expensive in the OECD, but the good news was that “more governments are starting to realise that and are implementing change”.

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