Choose Your Pregnancy Clothes According to the Latest Fashions

by pregnancy journalist

Great news! The hot maternity styles available to pregnant gals today rival any other type fashion. Let’s hear it for fashion designers for giving us this wild selection of pregnancy clothes to wear and love. This is so awesome for women who want to stay stylish even when they have that bump that changes their silhouettes from the hourglass figure into the figure of a beautiful pregnant woman.

However, just because you are buying the latest maternity clothes in a famous designer’s shop or online store does not necessarily mean that you are stylish. There is a vast difference between being a style trendsetter in your group of pregnant friends and the being one of many fashion victims. Depending on your preference, you might just want to stick to the basics of maternity fashion while going with some trendy, stylish pieces to take your look up a few notches.

Here are a few ideas to remember when you are creating your wardrobe of pregnancy clothes:

  • Wear snug clothes. The tent look is long gone. (What a relief!) Today that look would just make you appear big. To avoid such a fashion disaster, go for clothes that fit snugly but comfortably. Stretch fabrics are a great option – both in jeans and in tops.
  • Pick key pieces and experiment with the rest. Basically, you should have maternity jeans and graphic tees and other tops, both in various shades and colors, to mix and match with a jacket or two for cover-ups during cold weather.
  • Next add one or two basic black dresses for semi-formal and formal occasions. These can be given different looks with changes in accessories, jewelry, shoes and makeup.
  • Go for prints. There is absolutely no need to shy away from prints. Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyful time, and what better way to express it than with fun prints?

Get a little wild with all of this. And have fun!

You should be just as stylish, fashionable and trendy as the next girl in her mini-dress or hot jeans with the right selection of pregnancy clothes!

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