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Discovery of 3,700-yr-old Pregnant Woman Reveals Dangers of Ancient Childbirth

by pregnancy journalist
The discovery of the remains of a young woman who was in a late stage of pregnancy at the time of her death reveals the harrowing dangers of childbirth. The Ministry of Antiquities announced that the young woman’s corpse was found while an American/Italian team were excavating in a Kom Ombo archaeological site in Aswan in Egypt. The grave was found near the site of Kom Ombo, known for its unique Ptolemaic-era double temple dedicated to two gods. Egypt, Upper Egypt, Nile Valley, Kom Ombo temple dedicated to the crocodile-headed god Sobek. Moustafa Waziri, secretary general of High Supreme of […]

The Hilarious Reason One Couple Couldn’t Get Pregnant After Trying For Years

by pregnancy journalist
Pregnancy is strange, messy, and – depending on where you live – unbelievably expensive. It’s complicated. There are so many misconceptions about it, as well as so many unanswered questions that researchers are attempting to solve, that science really has its hands full. The most rudimentary mechanisms that humans need to engage in to lead to conception, however, have been so thoroughly nailed down by this point that they are about as mysterious as the President is an erudite scholar. There are various difficulties relating to getting pregnant, but the very first step in the program is surely ubiquitous knowledge, […]

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