Amazon Maternity Clothes Haul!

by pregnancy journalist

How many of you also follow me over on Instagram? I love hanging out over there, and one of my favorite parts of IG is Instagram Stories!

Today I shared some of the maternity clothes I have bought on Amazon recently. I know this is my third pregnancy, but somehow my maternity clothes have either gotten worn out, lost…or they just don’t fit this time. On Sunday, I tried to put on the jeans I’m wearing in my 40 week picture with Tera…yeah, I couldn’t even get those on over my knees. So there is that.

My go to place to find maternity clothes is consignments sales or Goodwill. I cannot stand how expensive maternity clothes are!!! Our local Goodwill has a very hit or miss maternity section. Last time I went I snagged four shirts and two jeans, but the time before that I couldn’t find a single thing that fit!

Needless to say, I had to turn to Amazon for a few more clothes as my belly (and the rest of my body, apparently) stretches to accommodate this sweet little man. For those wanting to order, just click on the picture link after each top and it should take you straight to Amazon where you can sign in and add it to your cart.

I am 5’4″ and 31 weeks pregnant, so I weigh around 140 right now (between 110 and 120 not pregnant)

Full disclosure: These are affiliate links, which means that Amazon pays me (approx 2 cents per purchase lol) if someone purchases through my link. The price does not change for you.

(Also in black and wine red)

I’m wearing a M

Super comfy, love how simple it is, great coverage! Would be easy to dress up with a necklace or scarf or cardigan for fall

(I couldn’t get the image to link, so just click on the title of the shirt and it will take you to Amazon

2. Striped Simple Maternity Tee (scroll down for the link)

(I’m wearing a M)

Love the length, love the stripe, super comfy and has good coverage up top, too. Will still hold my belly for a few more weeks. I could still fit the small, but it might not last all the way up to 40 weeks.

3. Fun Color Blocked Baseball Maternity Tee

(I’m wearing a M)

Love the colors, love the fit. Great length, will keep growing with me, fits well up top

4. Lace Hemmed Maternity Top

(Also comes in black, grey and khaki)

LOVE this one. On my stories I mentioned that it’s not maternity, but apparently it is (the long sleeved ones are not). I think it could still easily be worn non-maternity and I plan to wear it long after this babe is born! It’s super comfy, flattering and I literally don’t have to worry about my underwear sticking out or my top pieces falling out/showing either. I believe this is a small, and as you can see it will last all the way through my pregnancy.

5. Long Sleeved Lace Hem Top

I loved the last one so much that I decided to buy it in two more colors, but this time I found it long-sleeved for the fall! I ended up buying a M, but now that I see it on I should have gone for a small. Still, I love it!

(Also comes in black, red and purplish red)

6. Maternity/Nursing/Postpartum Tank

(I’m wearing a Small)

There are TONS of colors and patterns in this top. It also seems to be more expensive, but that is because it comes in a random pack of three!

I snagged this one back at the beginning of my pregnancy, I loved how they fit at the beginning of pregnancy. I’ve kind of outgrown them now (I can feel a breeze on my lower belly when I walk around lol), BUT I’m keeping them and highly recommending them because they will be perfect for postpartum and I LOVE the breastfeeding panel.

Here is a non-awkward shot of the breastfeeding access panel 🙂

Ok, I think that is all! Please let me know if you have any questions or if the links aren’t working. Let me know if you like this sort of post! You know I’m here for all your fashion needs (LOL LOL LOL)

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