’90 Day Fiance’: Laura Swears On Her Son’s Life About Her Ectopic Pregnancy, On A Vacation In Ecuador

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We have seen 90 Day Fiance couple Aladin and Laura involved in some pretty petty issues. How can we forget the great vibrator situation and how Aladin completely freaked out about it! Well, this time, things have escalated to a whole new level. According to Laura, Aladin blocked her, and she was desperate to get his attention. As for her pregnancy, we can’t call it completely fake, and we can’t say that Lara was totally honest about it. Sounds puzzling, right? Let’s take a look at what’s going on in detail.

90 Day Fiance: Laura In Ecuador Right Now

talker_of_shits recently uploaded a video on Instagram showing Laura in Ecuador having some drinks and snacks. A follower sent the video last night which shows Laura relaxing in Ecuador. Well, usually, people are happy to know about their favorite stars vacationing all over. But Laura has been keeping her real life in the dark. She recently made a post telling her followers that she and Aladin are still together.

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However, according to a recent conversation with talker_of_shits, the truth is far from what 90 Day Fiance fans could have ever imagined. Laura stated that she is in Ecuador with Evelin and is surrounded by friends. She is unwinding and trying to keep her mind relaxed after what al happened with her pregnancy and Aladin.

Laura’s Pregnancy and Her Relationship Status With Aladin

talker_of_shits recently posted screenshots of a conversation with Laura. Here is a gist of what went down. Laura is going through a hard time with Aladin. The former tells Laura that it’s pointless to lie about the pregnancy. Admitting that it was all a hoax is much better for the long haul. Clearly, Laura needs some healing as her relationship with Aladin seems to have caused a lot of damage to her.

However, Laura insisted that she had an ectopic pregnancy. To emphasize her point, even more, she also said that she could swear on her son’s life that the pregnancy wasn’t completely a lie. Laura also goes on to say that she is nowhere near menopause. She has lost a baby, and it crushed her. Moreover, since Aladin blocked her, she couldn’t tell him that they almost made a baby. The post hinting the pregnancy was targeted at gaining Aladin’s attention and conveying him this message.

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As for her relationship status with Aladin, they don’t seem to be together any longer. In fact, Laura accuses him of exercising abuse over her. According to Laura, he is keeping her stuff, even gifts from her dead brother. The police won’t help her without a receipt.

Laura’s Lie Ruined Her Reputation, This Is What Fans Are Saying

Even though it was an ectopic pregnancy, Laura took it way too far to catch Aladin’s attention and lied a lot. She might need a therapist to help her get through. Currently, she is with friends and has stated that it is all a really nice distraction. She has been through a difficult time, and Sharp Entertainment has been of no help. Fans are giving her a hard time since she lied to them.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way; Laura Says Tell-All Will Reveal Aladin’s True Colors

According to Laura, the fame got to Aladin’s head. Every day, he got messages of women saying that he should marry them and they will help him get the green card. She also stated that her son was right about him. Stay tuned for more 90 Day Fiance updates!

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