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Maternity Clothes Have Always Been Complicated

by pregnancy journalist
I am eight months pregnant. I am thrilled to be eight months pregnant. I like being pregnant. I waddle along the streets of Austin, Texas, with my head held high, both out of a sense of enduring accomplishment and for balance. We wanted to have a kid, we tried for some time to have a kid, and now this kid is pretty much creating himself with minimal input from me. I need only: Eat what I’m supposed to; Not eat (or drink) what’s verboten; Keep well-hydrated; Exercise some (but not too hard); Wake up in the middle of the night […]

How Maternity Clothes Have Evolved Over 100 Years

by pregnancy journalist
When you’re pregnant, almost every aspect of your life has to change in one way or another. Your diet becomes stricter, your bathroom breaks become more frequent, and your clothes become maternity! Clothing for pregnant women (a.k.a. maternity clothes) might be an extremely specific corner of the fashion market, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t seen its fair share of evolution. As eras turned and style morphed, maternity clothing changed right along with it – which couldn’t be more apparent than it is in the video below. Take a look at how clothing for expecting mothers transformed over the decades, […]

Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test Common Reasons

by pregnancy journalist
A late period negative pregnancy test situation is never ideal. No woman wants to experience the absence of her period along with a negative pregnancy test – unless she’s not trying to become pregnant but her period isn’t here yet. A late period negative pregnancy test situation is scary. It’s confusing and it’s stressful. If you’re trying to become pregnant and you’re hoping to see that second line or to see the word “Not” finally disappear from your digital home pregnancy test, this situation becomes even more stressful. How To Avoid A Negative Pregnancy Test In order to help you […]