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Saving money is easy when you use these 2 best ways to save money on maternity clothes!

Having a baby can be expensive, but your maternity clothes don’t have to be!

Save serious money on your maternity wardrobe when you use the oldest trick in the book and simply keep wearing your super-cute jeans!

You can get 2 Free Belly Bands or 1 Free Belly Body when you checkout using promo code: 1FRUGALBABY! (just pay shipping)

Using your cute jeans for your maternity jeans is so smart…

2 Best Ways To Save Money on Maternity Clothes

Here’s how to score your Belly Bands or Belly Body for free:

Here’s what your frugal friends are saying:

“I had 2 of these I wore until they wouldn’t stretch anymore.  It sure saved me buying maternity clothes.” ~ Amaris

“I loooooved mine.  Can’t beat free! 😉 ” ~ Michelle

“I have one in black… love it!” ~ Jackie

“Great bands!” ~ Sara

Now that you’ve scored Free Belly Bands or Belly Body, you can score even more amazing !

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55 New Mom Gift Ideas {Fun Gifts She’ll Love and Use!}

Got a sweet little Baby on the Way, or know someone who does??  Spoil the new moms in your life with these fun and helpful New Mom Gift Ideas!

With so many crazy-cute styles to choose from, you’ll have so much fun finding your 2 free pairs!

These cute hats come in all sizes and are great for the entire family!  Talk about a fun and frugal gift to stash away!!  These are perfect for dress up or for cold days.

Give your cute baby girl some adorable and free Baby Dress Shoes!

Right now you can score an NFL or NCAA FREE Baby Football Bibs Gift Set!

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