Your Maternity Clothes Shopping Guide – Where To Find the Cutest Maternity Clothes

by pregnancy journalist
Maternity clothing is something that I have always had mixed feelings about. I love it and I hate it. For my first pregnancy I was convinced I didn’t need maternity clothes, that I could just size up in normal things. And I tried. And then once I surrendered I shopped at the only stores that I knew of that sold maternity clothes- maternity stores. Since then I’ve learned a few things and I’ve bought new things with each pregnancy. Part of that comes with the job of being a blogger and part of that comes from the fact that there are so many more affordable maternity options at normal stores now. 

PC- Sarah Sweeney
I’ve shopped at many stores during my six pregnancies and found some things I love and some things I don’t. I love finding inexpensive items like the sweater in today’s post from Asos or H&M and I’m okay with the quality not being amazing. But I can’t stand maternity jeans that don’t fit well. I hate them. So this time around I’ve only bought expensive denim. It’s just so uncomfortable to wear things that fit badly or stretch out or just feel terrible. I’ve been pregnant enough times that this time I’m giving myself that luxury.
Other items I’ve found that I love are the Mae Band and my Blanqi Support tank. The Mae Band is much better than a rubber band (although it’s the same idea) and it allows you to wear your normal pants for longer than ever before. I’ve also sized up in jeans while pregnant and used the Mae Band with those just to avoid maternity jeans. My Blanqi tank is a really supportive undershirt that helps hold my belly in and up when it starts getting heavy. It also smooths out bumps and lumps that come with pregnancy weight gain. 

That being said, I wanted to give you some resources for where I shop for maternity clothes and what I’m loving right now. I am still wearing many non-maternity items sized up (so that those of you who aren’t pregnant can still shop them) but I’m also moving toward more maternity items. There is nothing like finally switching to maternity jeans and realizing how silly it was to not do it sooner. They are so comfy!
H&M- H&M has a pretty big selection of all kinds of maternity basics- at their typical affordable price. I love that they also have some trendy seasonal items too.
TOPSHOP- Topshop is definitely more fashion forward in general than Old Navy or GAP and their maternity styles are similar. The price range here is also really easy and affordable. 
Asos- Asos is one of my favorite places to shop because they always have new items coming in and their dress selection is unmatched. They have a really great maternity selection for typically pretty affordable prices. 
Old Navy- Old Navy was my go-to for several pregnancies. They still have a lot of basics and trendy items for affordable prices. I’ve found I don’t like their jeans (they stretch out and fade) but their tops and dresses are pretty. 
GAP- I haven’t tried Gap’s maternity jeans in several years, but I used to love them. My favorite thing from Gap Maternity is this tee. I have at least three of them.
Kohls- I haven’t shopped much at Kohls, but when I was in with my MIL the other day I snagged these tees. They. are. awesome. I would wear them daily and for only $15-ish I think I’ll pick up a few more. 
Shopbop- I rarely shop at Shopbob, but this time around I’ve had good luck with high end maternity jeans there. These and these are my favorites. These ones unfortunately stretched out. 
Madewell- I’ve been wanting to try Madewell’s maternity jeans because their normal jeans are pretty great. I’ve also found most of my normal Madewell over sized sweaters and shirts and cardigans still fit for much of my pregnancy.
Motherhood Maternity- This is a pretty conservative store for my taste, but I did find four tops that I ordered from here the other day. This sweatshirt is my favorite- and this tee is actually really nice as well. 
Nordstrom- Nordstrom has a good selection of all types of maternity clothing. I love that you can grab mid-priced maternity denim like there or a great basic dress like this. 
I’ve also rounded up my favorite maternity items below. These are all items I own or I love. They are from all of the stores listed above and are a variety price points. Happy maternity clothes shopping!


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