Working Mom Shares A Tearful Selfie And Explains Why 12 Weeks Of Maternity Leave Isn’t Enough

by pregnancy journalist

As if returning to work after maternity leave wasn’t hard enough already for women from all around the world, the US parental leave policies are putting even more strain on new mothers.

But despite being overly stressed and exhausted, being the key source of income, the financial burden makes them put on a smile and open the office door just 12 weeks in from maternity leave. For most European countries, such a short period of leave is simply incomprehensible.

And one of the unsung hero moms, Rachael Larsen, took 4 years to finally have the courage to share her tearful story of going back to work. Rachael, who’s a director of product operations at a Salt Lake City education company, wrote: “The shame around raising a family and working full-time is real,” and added that no matter the circumstances, “she wasn’t ready.”

Rachael’s post shared on LinkedIn shed light on what’s really going through so many women’s heads as they have no other choice but to suck it up and do their best; even then, deep inside, they may feel totally defeated. So let’s read it in full right below.

Rachael Larsen posted a tearful confession on how she wasn’t ready to go back to work after 12 weeks of maternity leave

Rachael’s confession resonated with many others as they shared their support in the comments

People from foreign countries shared their experiences and many agreed 12 weeks is far from enough

But there have also been some critical opinions

And a few general comments that summed up the whole situation

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