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I was wondering when I should start wearing maternity clothes, I’m about 20 weeks already , which I’m showing a little bit

I’m just asking, of course it’s my first baby and I’m confused and didn’t know some stuff , that I should. I’m learning them


6 d ago

I was just getting a general information about this, I didn’t really know.

I mean I know when they don’t fit but if need to sooner or something

I was just getting a general information about this, I didn’t really know.

I mean I know when they don’t fit but if need to sooner or something

honestly, that’s a little bit of a stupid question to ask xD you wear it once you feel uncomfortable in normal clothing 😛 if you feel completely fine wearing normal clothes, why wear maternity clothes? that misses the entire point.


I mean I wear stretchy or flowy shirts but still pants a little bit depends.

I was just seeing, I didn’t ask you to say it’s stupid or anything

it is meant as clothing to be more comfortable. if you already comfortable, there’s no reason to wear it xD it’s not like you must wear it cause you’re pregnant.

it’s like asking “when should i buy smaller or larger size clothes?” well obvioulsy once you’re not comfortable with the size you have anymore XD

Whenever regular clothes are too uncomfortable. Remember that the more uncomfortable you are, the more uncomfortable the baby.

The baby can tell when you’re uncomfortable.

I didn’t know that,

I guess you can say it’s part of the bond mothers have with their child.

Simply if you feel the need to. I know lots of women just buy leggings and loose tops now a days. Doesn’t cost the world then


I mean I never really wore leggings but show they are only 5 dollars for a pair

Exactly. Me neither but a lot cheaper than chucking on “maternity” in front of it. So that’s my plan when I start showing.

Oh um congratulations ( I’m sorry if your not) , I like jeans more and but don’t want to spend the money

I am thank you. Jeans are great but you might find your skin finds them irritating. 🤷 Anyway, just saying.
I’m a stickler for not spending money because of names or labels attached (i. e. giving them a specific purpose makes them more expensive such as “horse riding” or “maternity”). Its up to you.

I’m just gonna use this thing that makes the pants bigger like stretcher or elastic

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There is no set time, it’s whenever your body has expanded enough to feel the need to. If things feel tight, like they’re digging in or putting pressure anywhere then it’s time to grab something. If it’s just jeans you’re having an issue with you can get belly bands or expanders so you don’t have to buy several more pairs just for your pregnancy. I was 28 weeks pregnant here, you just don’t know when your bump is going to explode so buying a bunch of clothes could be wasted. I didn’t really buy any maternity clothes just lived in bodycon and maxi dresses for the last two months 😊 they only fit for such a short period of time! Congratulations on your pregnancy 😊

It is mostly the jeans that are starting to not fit good, the shirts are lose and flowly so good

Oh I also never really wore dresses much so I don’t have them or the bodycon ( not know what that is)

hey, I’ve followed you so if choose to pm me i am open to share my experiences re all… xx

Whenever you feel uncomfortable in your other clothes. Most maternity clothes are designed to last throughout the pregnancy, so buying them earlier shouldn’t be a problem.

As for bras, if you plan on breastfeeding, some normal bras can put pressure on the glands that may interfere with their development, and thus with milk production. Not all. But some. So that’s something to keep in mind. They start developing fairly early.

I guess I’ll start buying them than, mostly jeans.

I thought as bra as another thing to worry about, so I’ll guess I’ll start wondering

Uh yeah u need to go ahead and start

I think I’ll mostly need pants, since I have more flowly shirt and bigger sizes

When your normal clothes start to feel uncomfortable

My mom didn’t really get an extra round belly, so she bought pants 1 or 2 sizes bigger and a wide coat (she was pregnant mostly in the fall/winter season) so she never wore maternity clothes, she thought they look ugly. I agree


I think I should I do that so I can wear jeans still, and my shirts are flowly and fit depend

When you want to. Or never. No rule that says you ever have to even own maternity clothes.

But if you stop being able to fit in regular clothes, that’s when you usually make the switch.

Im starting to struggle with me jeans but depend but shirts I’m fine

Hi mother of three here.
Wear whatever is comfortable.
I showed really early with all three of my pregnancies so I started wearing maternity clothes as soon as my clothes didn’t fit.
As for maternity clothes I didn’t buy many items I just wore fold down at the waist pants and larger tops.
I had a full maxi dress that made me feel beautiful and would often sit and wait for it to dry so I could wear it for the day.

As a mother of two and grandmother to three, this is a great response and some great advice @emma_1245 – there’s nothing more I could add.

Fold down pants are like yoga pants, or

And my tops are larger anyways so they might not have to change for a little bit until I’m more larger

Yes like yoga pants but I managed to get some that were like dress pants so they’d look a little neater if I had to go out somewhere special.

I don’t own any so ill have to go buy some

Whenever you feel comfortable. A lot of my friends wives don’t even get maternity clothes until their really big. Congrats


Thank you, and I still kinda fit into my jeans, but it’s getting harder to button them

I’ve never been pregnant so take what I say with a grain of salt. Typically, it seems most women start wearing them at the end of their first trimester. If your pants/tops are starting to get snug, that’s how you know it’s time for them.


I mean I’m starting to have trouble buttons on my jeans,

Probably a good time to start wearing them then.

I mean it depends on the pants

Whenever you feel like you need to

Whenever you feel like it. No one else gets a vote.

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