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“What she needs most is therapy. That is what she needs now.” In a nursing home, she won’t get that, he says.

He is making arrangements to set up a hospital bed at home and has arranged for nursing care and some therapy.

“I love her and can’t leave her,” he says simply.

Karine Langley, a psychotherapist who has worked with members of the family, calls Oladipo’s dedication remarkable.

“It is the power of love, he is there every day,” she said.

Oladipo, who has witnessed his wife regain consciousness, begin to move one side of her body, recognize him, begin to swallow food and even laugh over the past months, says he believes his wife will recover.

“I don’t give up in any situation.”

He hopes that determination will inspire others facing hard times.

“He really wants people not to give up, despite all the hardships,” said Langley. “His faith is pulling him through.”

It was that kind of determination and faith that brought Oladipo, Motunrayo, and their two daughters to Canada in 2017.

The family was fleeing violence in Nigeria, including pressure to have their young girls undergo female genital mutilation.

The parents feared they would be unable to protect the girls, now 13 and  9, if they remained there. And they were desperate to do so.

The excruciating and dangerous practice, performed with a razor blade, had resulted in the death of Motunrayo’s sister when she was young.

Motunrayo also underwent the procedure when she was a child “and she didn’t want her daughters to go through the same thing,” said Oladipo.

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