The men in power have zero comprehension of the pressure working mothers are facing

by pregnancy journalist

I am in awe of the working mothers who appear to be balancing everything so well. Truly in awe. For me, it’s the endless mother’s load in addition to everything else that is so oppressive. It is impossible to quantify the number of hours spent on domestic tasks every single day – it is essentially each and every single hour that isn’t taken up by work or home-schooling. It’s difficult enough having small children at home 24/7. Add to that the pressure of their education resting solely on you and actually getting your work done – on time and to the high standards, not only that you expect from yourself, but also that your employer expects from you.

Where is the break or relief for families with two full-time working parents? Or indeed single parent families, where neither is a key worker but where both parents contribute to the economy and the fabric of society – i.e. every single family in the UK where both parents work. And by break or relief, I don’t mean financial. I mean the ability to benefit from some small degree of physical help or support to get you through the day. There isn’t any. None. We are locked out of schools. 

And yet the powers that be seem to believe that it’s possible to do your job as normal alongside the full-time role of being a parent. I would love to see these senior government figures attempt to work from home, home-school and look after pre-school children at the same time. Oh wait, it’s not an issue for a single one of them.

And that’s the fundamental problem – the changing rules, the withdrawal of childcare, of support, of any form of physical help – the rules are all impulsively dictated by men with zero comprehension of how extraordinarily difficult it is. They will never understand how difficult it is to complete any work task when you’re interrupted 50 times, they will never understand how hard it is to focus on an already challenging job when you’re trying to educate small children, when you’re trying to care for them, when you’re running around after a two year old all day. They will never understand how hard it is to devote yourself to either work or parenthood or teaching when you’re trying and failing miserably at all three simultaneously.  

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