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Zara dress

Finding cute maternity wear while I was pregnant much harder than I expected. Granted, the options today are far better than when my mom was pregnant, but, still, the selection was disappointing.

I have a hunch that other style-savvy moms-to-be will have the same problem, so I’m making a short list of my favorite retailers with stylish maternity selections.

Start here, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for in their maternity section, then it probably doesn’t exist. ASOS is THE best place to buy affordable (although definitely on the higher end of my budget) and trendy maternity clothing.

They actually have a dedicated maternity section now called “Mom.” When I was pregnant, I just bought flowy tops and dresses from their Woman line, but now, all of the big belly-friendly pieces are compiled into one convenient tab!

H&M dress (not maternity)

I bought a pair of jeans here and wore them for my entire pregnancy. They fit me the best of any other brand. Old Navy (or Gap) is your best bet for classic shorts and pants that don’t cost a fortune.

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