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One of my favorite things about being pregnant is all the cute clothes you can wear! So often I hear from friends that they can never find any cute or comfortable maternity clothes. When I hear this, I tell them they are shopping at the wrong place! 

My go-to for affordable, stylish and comfortable maternity clothes is a combination of H & M, Pink Blush, Old Navy and the Gap. And best of all, many of the pieces I have bought from these places have lasted me through all three of my pregnancies and throughout nursing. All of which have been true to size as well. I am typically an 8 and wear medium while I’m pregnant and have gotten the same size while pregnant in their maternity sizes. 

And if you are someone who is holding off on wearing maternity clothes for as long as you can… knock them off and splurge! Not only will you be 100x more comfortable but you’ll look so much cuter. And while prego, we all need to feel as cute and good as we can!! You deserve it, momma! 

With baby number one, I held off on maternity clothes until 5 or 6 months. Then once I caved, I was wondering why in the world I did that?! Not only did I feel more comfortable, but I felt more confident! I jumped right into maternity clothes the second I peed on that stick come baby number two and three. 

So today, I wanted to share a little round up of all of my favorite places to shop for maternity clothes and some of my favorite pieces. With my kids, I was also pregnant at different months and seasons, so I’m going to breakdown favorite pieces by seasons too.

Hands down, my favorite place to shop for maternity and nursing clothes is at H & M. The only downside is you can only buy online. All of their maternity clothes are so stylish, affordable and comfortable. Heck, some of them I’ve continued to wear while not being pregnant they are just that cute and comfortable. 

Even though you can only buy online, H & M maternity is fairly true to size. I am typically a size 8 and wear medium, when not pregnant. And for their maternity sizes I’ve fluctuated between a 6-8, and have stayed medium while being pregnant. And during my pregnancies, I have gained 35-45 pounds. 

There hasn’t been one piece of theirs that I haven’t loved, but here’s a handful of my favorites. The Cotton Jersey Dress is one I bought before Greyson and it’s still available, so you know it’s a hit.

Rocking the Cotton Jersey Dress in photo.

Rocking the Mini- Flare Jeans which are currently on sale! 

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