Six Black Women Creating Spaces for Black Working Mothers – Dr. Amber Thornton, Consulting

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Balanced Working Mama

​Dr. Amber Thornton is a mama with expertise as a Clinical Psychologist and Personal Development Consultant.  She is especially passionate about personal development and wellness for working mothers.  “Being a working mother has allowed me to have so much compassion and empathy for the unique struggles of other mothers who passionately work and care for their children.”

Dr. Amber has been very candid about her experiences of motherhood as a working professional. Dr. Amber has created “Balanced Working Mama”- ​Coaching services and resources for working mothers in balancing work, motherhood, and demanding the support they deserve.

Let’s Bloom Together

​Ariel Smith is a mama of three who is committed to self-care for Black women.  “Self care in its wholeness saved my life. I noticed that the beautiful roles of mother and wife consumed me to the point that I lost myself! As a result, I nearly lost everything! I see moms and wives around me, and beyond, get to that breaking point and I believe it’s totally preventable.”

Ariel is fully transparent in sharing the lessons she’s learned along the way to help other women bloom into their best selves.  Ariel creates content related to self-care for Black women, offers coaching services, and hosts the “Let’s Bloom Together” podcast. 

​Jasmine Chanelle is a mama who is passionate about inspiring millennial moms to have it all.  “I teach female entrepreneurs how to craft meaningful brand stories to attract their dream clients. I help my clients find their authentic voice and develop strategic tactics to share their brand across digital platforms.”

Jasmine is incredible at highlighting “what it takes to be a boss in the boardroom and at home.”  She is popular on Instagram, YouTube, and has recently launched the Mom2Mogul course for working mothers who are ready to devote to their online businesses full-time. 

Bloom Life Coaching

​Alece Coleman is a mama who is dedicated to creating healing spaces and opportunities for Black women.  Alece is also transparent about her own journey toward healing.  “Not only was I sent to do this work but I was COMMANDED to do the work right alongside you as well.”

Alece is a Black Women’s Wellness Facilitator and a Licensed Psychotherapist.  She is currently offering a Free Self Love Guide for those in need of activating self love and beginning the healing process.

Real Moms Too Podcast

​Alana Parks and Xia Chekwa are two mamas who are passionate about discussing the stories of Real Mom Life.  “The podcast for the mom who is looking to connect with other Relatable, Empathetic, Authentic, Liberated Moms, and where we keep it Real!”

Alana and Xia embrace and connect with their “Virtual Mom Village” weekly with episodes that can be found on all major podcast streaming apps.  

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