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Organic and More as one of the leading organic maternity apparel manufacturers places utmost importance on the comfort of an expectant mother, realizing the need of proper care for both the mother and the baby.

As a reputed voice among the maternity wear manufacturers India houses, we understand organic cotton and bamboo blended fabrics are most suitable for pregnant and nursing women. These fabrics breathe well and are free of any harmful chemicals or synthetics. These very qualities are what customers look for in maternity clothes suppliers and Organic and More meets the criteria efficiently.

Our pattern makers have years of experience in designing clothes and cuts required for comfortable yet stylish maternity clothes. We are also among the few maternity wear manufacturers to be awarded the GOTS certification. Our compliance with the customers’ demands also makes us one of the leading maternity clothes manufacturers. We understand that a native knows his audience the best and therefore work in tandem with our expertise and his understanding to bring out the best product possible.

Organic and More believes in maintaining a transparent process and values the customer’s inputs, be it any variation of maternity tops for women. Our aim remains to ensure proper comfort of the expectant mother, in which organic cotton plays an important part. So count on Organic and More to deliver quality maternity clothes which every woman can trust for her health and comfort.

When it comes to Maternity clothing, organic cotton, and Bamboo blended fabrics are most suitable. These fabrics breath well, are free of any harmful chemicals or synthetics and therefore are most suitable

Our Pattern Makers have a number of years of experience in designing clothes/cuts for required comfortable yet stylish Maternity clothes.

In order for us to start working on your next Maternity Collection, please provide us with the following details:

Round Neck Maternity T-shirt

my ectopic pregnancy

If you’ve seen any of my Instagram stories within the last week or so, then you probably have a good idea of what’s in this post. But I still feel the need to write about it. Because that’s just what we do here. That’s what this place is for. Feel free to skip if you don’t want to read anything having to do with fallopian tubes.

We weren’t trying for a baby. We honestly were’t even considering trying for another until maybe next year sometime. (At least I wasn’t. Tyson would’ve already had a newborn wrapped to him right now if it were totally up to him.) So a possible pregnancy was the absolute last thing on my mind when I started bleeding. I had an IUD, (still have an IUD, though not for much longer) and with the kind that I had (the Mirena) I hadn’t had a period for the three years since I’d gotten it. I didn’t think much of it at first, I thought maybe I had just pushed my luck with the three blissful years of not buying tampons, and now my time was up. It wasn’t until I hit the two week mark that I started to think that maybe this was more than just an incredibly delayed period. I called my midwives back in Virginia, who were the ones who gave me the IUD after Isla was born, and their first response was to tell me that I should probably take a pregnancy test. This was the exact opposite advice I expected to hear. I hung up with them, and Everett who was in the backseat of the car at the time, asked me if I was pregnant. I answered with at least half a dozen toned-down versions of “there is no way in hell” while we finished driving over to Walgreens to pick up a pregnancy test. I drove home, drank a ton of water, and then took one. I didn’t even have to wait 10 seconds before the line started to appear. And in between the perfect storm of swear words and also an unexpected excitement and peace, I laughed. I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. Ok. I’m pregnant!

I called Tyson at work and congratulated him on officially winning the “when are we having the next baby” debate ;), and then called my aunt to see if she could get me a last minute appt with her incredible OB/GYN sister-in-law.

At this point, I was still taking it all in with a grain of salt, since the only sign of the pregnancy was the bleeding. I hadn’t felt sick, no sore boobs, no unusual tiredness. I had felt 100% myself. It was such a strange range of emotions to experience, all so contradictory to each other, and all surfacing at the exact same time. The shock, and then more shock, the excitement, the peace, the fear, the visualization of doing it all for the third time, the imagining of the tiny little bean I didn’t know was in my body, while also mentally preparing to lose it, and kicking myself for waiting two weeks to ask questions.

The next day Tyson met me at the hospital for a blood draw and ultrasound. The ultrasound techs never really tell you anything until the doctor can meet with you, but after a long while of looking at a bunch of black, it was pretty clear that my uterus was empty, except for the IUD, which was exactly in the place that it should’ve been. Afterwards we met with the doctor, and had it confirmed that this was most likely an ectopic pregnancy, which means that the pregnancy had implanted in one of my fallopian tubes. Their best guess was that I was between 6-8 weeks along, which was incredibly lucky because the risk of the tube rupturing grows significantly after 8 weeks. Since there’s no way to move the fetus from the tube and into the uterus, this type of pregnancy isn’t viable. The only options are to either inject a chemotherapy drug called methotrexate, that will dissolve the pregnancy, or go in through surgery and remove it that way. The surgery also presents the likely risk of losing the tube and ovary completely, so obviously the methotrexate is the recommended first step.

We waited for about three days and then did another blood draw to confirm that my HCG levels did actually indicate an irregular pregnancy (in case we had missed something on the ultrasound). It was a Sunday when the on-call doctor called to confirm that it was, indeed, ectopic and that I needed to go in immediately for the methotrexate. This was when it really started to suck.

Up until that point, I’d been in a fairly peaceful state. I knew logically what I would have to do if it was an ectopic pregnancy. And it was actually what I was planning on, with only the slightest, tiniest, barely-there part of me holding out hope that my levels would be normal and the baby was just merely too tiny to see in the ultrasound. So when he called, I was completely thrown off guard when I felt instant, stinging sadness.

I did not want to take that drug. I hated that drug. I hated knowing what it was going to do. I hated that this baby was made to grow in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hated that it had been put there as a side effect of the thing I had put in my body. I hated the word “dissolve”. I hated sitting there with the wonderful nurse that was trying so hard to make the injection suck less, and feeling the sting spread throughout the muscle, knowing that it was on its way.

The physical pain that followed in the next week was almost a welcome distraction. I feel so incredibly awful for those cancer patients who have to get chemotherapy on a regular basis. One injection alone put me on the ground. 10 days later and my abdomen still feels like a beat up piece of meat.

I went back to the hospital to take another blood test on Monday and then had a follow-up appt yesterday. My pregnancy levels started out as 198 and they need to get to 0. Yesterday they were only at 175. So that’s where I’m at right now. I’ll have to get more blood tests over the next two weeks to monitor their descent, and hopefully they’ll start to go down faster, but if not, I’ll need to take another shot of methotrexate. I try not to think about what all these numbers mean with what’s physically happening in my body. I really really try not to think about it. Most of the day I don’t. And I’ve told myself again and again that everything happens for a reason, and it has helped, because it has to.

Two things that I’ve discovered since all this happened is that

1. I must talk about Dr. Pepper a lot, because I have been showered in love and Dr. Pepper. I am the luckiest son of a gun with the kindest, most thoughtful friends and family. We have been so well taken care of, and I am forever grateful to everyone who has reached out to us, and to me especially. I am not alone, and neither are any of us. I feel so strongly about the power of bringing our individual places of dark into the light. And about placing the ups and downs of our lives where they can be seen and normalized. Outfit posts and ectopic pregnancies can co-exist in the same space. Anxiety attacks and a favorite recipe can co-exist in the same space. Depression and a vacation recap can co-exist in the same space. Make-up tutorials and a struggle with self-worth can co-exist in the same space. All are allowed. And all, when shared from a place of love and trust, are uniting and powerful. Thank you so much for hearing me and hurting with me and lifting me up this week, I just love you.

And 2. I’m ready for a baby now. I didn’t think I was. But I felt like I lost this baby, whether it was mine to begin with or not. And I cried for what it had to go through, logical or not. And I wished that it could’ve been real. And so now I’m ready to try again. We won’t be able to for four months, until the doctors are sure that the chemo is out of my system. But then we will. And that makes me happy.

How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

Many people assume that a pregnancy test can only be positive if the person taking it is legitimately expecting a baby. As true as this belief may be, other ways exist for how to make a pregnancy test positive, at least at first glance. Many people are intrigued by these bypass methods for a variety of reasons. They may want to play a prank or genuinely want to make someone believe that they are in fact pregnant. Regardless of your own reasoning, you can make a pregnancy test look positive by following a few simple strategies.

One of the easiest ways to make a pregnancy test look positive is by manually manipulating it. Pregnancy test strips are easy to open. In fact, they simply snap apart without the entire strip breaking or cracking. You can wet the test strip and then take apart the actual strip to draw a plus sign inside the indicator window. Rather than just draw the positive sign on the window itself, you should draw it on a piece of sticky tape that you can lay over the test strip material to make it look more realistic. After you draw and stick on the positive sign, you can put the strip back together and fool the person for whom the test is intended.

If you plan to draw the positive sign, you should check the test kit box to find out what a positive test is supposed to look like. You also should check to see in what color you should draw the positive indication. It is important that you take your time and perhaps practice drawing the positive indication a few times before actually drawing it onto the sticky tape. This practice will ensure that the test looks more legitimate and that the person whom you are trying to fool will have no reason to doubt the test’s outcome. You also should make sure that the positive sign aligns perfectly with the indicator window so that the test does not look manipulated.

Make A Pregnancy Test Positive Without Being Pregnant

Another way to manipulate a pregnancy test involves using a popular soft drink for this purpose. Some women say that drinking Dr. Pepper can cause your urine to alter enough in quality and chemical makeup to make a pregnancy test turn positive. Other people say that you can drop the soft drink directly onto the test strip itself to turn the test positive, even if you are not genuinely pregnant. These people who swear by this method say to use the soft drink when it is room temperature rather than cold.

Other women have reported having luck with turning a pregnancy test positive by using baking soda. Baking soda is a highly volatile substance that is valued for its ability to remove stains, change the chemical compositions of recipes, and other purposes. Some women say that you can use baking soda by applying it to a test strip to turn the test positive. For all intents and purposes, this manipulation could work best if you make the soda into a paste or mix it into water rather than applying it in powder form.

Of course, with the advent of the Internet, women have also found that they can make big money by selling their positive pregnancy tests on craigslist. You can search forums online to find such tests for sale. Pregnant women take the tests and then mail them to you. They often charge premium prices, and you also must trust that these women will actually mail an intact, positive test to you. Nonetheless, this method of making a test positive has proved popular with many people who want to dupe others for whatever reason.

Make A Home Pregnancy Test Say Positive

People have a variety of reasons for why they want to make a pregnancy test look positive. Some of the more popular reasons include trying to get their romantic partners to stay in a relationship with them. Others want to manipulate pregnancy tests just for fun and to dupe their loved ones and friends. Dozens of other reasons exist, some harmless and some perhaps rather ill-advised. Nonetheless, valid ways do exist to make pregnancy tests look positive even if you are really not expecting at all.

It is important that you understand the ramifications for altering a pregnancy test if you want to use any of these methods. If you are just having fun and playing a prank on a friend or loved one, you more than likely will not suffer any real consequences, other than your loved ones and friends being momentarily confused or perhaps even a little angry at you. If you are using these methods to commit fraud, such as to benefit financially by lying to someone about being pregnant, it is a very real possibility that you could be fined and even jailed. You would be well advised to think about the consequences for your long-term future if you decide to go through with these plans.

If you plan on using these false positive tests to keep someone in a relationship with you, you may not succeed when your partner realizes that you are not at all pregnant. That individual may then decide to leave. Further, it puts you in a bind when people realize that your stomach is not growing and that you did not deliver after nine months have passed. Making a pregnancy test look positive is not against the law, and many people choose to alter tests each year. It may be better if you change a negative test into a positive one for entertainment purposes. This decision lets you have your fun without hurting anyone else. It also lets you avoid trouble with the legal system and helps you avoid a fine. Altering pregnancy tests is actually quite easy and does not take a lot of time or talent. These methods are the most common for making pregnancy tests look positive.

Clothes – Famous Online Maternity Clothes Stores

You are fortunate if you are buying the trendy pregnancy garments in the marketplace. For ladies seeking stylish maternity clothes, World Wide Web is filled with alternatives. It resembles digital shopping center with substantial selection of top quality as well as design. Nonetheless you would certainly need to look for the most effective in course as there is a lot competitors on the World Wide Web. However it is uncomplicated to situate trendy maternal shops online.

  1. Have you become aware of Baby Style? Baby Style is an on the internet pregnancy store which is popular for its cost-free delivery if you deliver big orders as well as specifically for sensible rates it provides. The most effective function of Baby Style is that you can remain to put on these trendy maternal clothing also after your child is birthed.
  2. Parenthood is an one more great location to look for pregnancy garments online. It is understood for its large range of pregnancy clothing which as well at really sensible rates. Lots of people are happily stunned to locate such fashionable maternity clothes on its site.
  3. Mimi Maternity and also A Pea in the Pod are the various other 2 preferred on-line shops that are popular for their awesome pregnancy garments. You can conveniently learn classy lines of maternity clothes. Although the cost provided by these 2 shops is a little bit pricey as contrasted to others yet when it pertains to top quality they are valuable.
  4. If you would certainly choose to choose physical stores after that you can have a look at different great maternal garments in a number of country’s popular merchants. Void has a big variety of pregnancy pants which can be put on quickly throughout your maternity. In a similar way, Target as well as Old Navy likewise uses different kinds of adorable maternal clothing for a sensible cost.

For economical buyers, there are numerous kinds of used awesome maternal garments readily available online. You can jump online as well as search different sites that do public auction of such clothing to obtain the very best bargain. You might locate developer pregnancy products at somewhat reduced rates right here on the net. For ladies that are simply on the beginning duration of their maternity are suggested to do all such buying currently as there would certainly be really much less time left when you would certainly need to make many prep work. Additionally, after the shipment it would certainly be tough to go with purchasing as you would certainly need to registered nurse your little child.

The First Appointment Following Positive Pregnancy Test

I might be pregnant, what’s next?

Early signs that you might be pregnant include spotting, vaginal discharge, cramps, breast changes (sensitivity, soreness, and color changes), and missing your period. Of course, noting the last time you had sex without using contraception properly can also help indicate whether or not you might be pregnant. When these signs occur, most women opt to use a home pregnancy test before starting care with an OB/GYN MD or certified nurse midwife. Pregnancy tests are easy to use and readily available for purchase over the counter at drug stores.

What to do following a Positive Pregnancy Test

If you think you are experiencing any early signs of pregnancy or have tested positive on a home pregnancy test, it is important to consult a physician in order to establish care with a medical professional as early as possible. Women’s OB/GYN Medical Group offers pregnancy test visits by appointment. At your appointment, our providers will confirm the positive pregnancy with a urine pregnancy test in our office. Once we have confirmed the positive result, we will establish your care regimen and will help you plan your health maintenance throughout your pregnancy.

If your in-office pregnancy result comes back negative but you are still experiencing symptoms, we will help you schedule another appointment if needed in order to provide treatment and advice moving forward.

What to expect at your first visit:

  • A thorough physical exam and review of your medical history.
  • An ultrasound to confirm your due date (when to expect you will go into labor).
  • Blood work and standard cultures for Chlamydia and gonorrhea.
  • A pap smear, unless you’ve had one recently.
  • Arrangement to consult with a specialist (if certain risk factors are present).
  • A request to see your old medical records (if needed).

Our experienced team of physicians, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners deliver comprehensive, compassionate preconception, pregnancy, and post-partum care to our patients and their families in a comfortable environment close to home.

Plus Size Maternity Clothes | Fashion Belief

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Having a baby is a wonderful moment in most women life. Such a perfect step in our life that can successfully give birth, then taking care the baby, protect them, educate them and make them become a great person. There is mostly women dreaming, included me. I just wonder, how perfect my life if I hade a beautiful child and raise them. It is wonderful moment, isn’t it? Absolutely! It is not exception expectant mother who have plus size body. The will also feel the same feeling with another women expectant. And now, for the plus size expectant, there are plus size maternity clothes for make their pregnancy become perfect.

Plus size maternity clothes are worn by plus size women who are an expectant mother. These maternity clothes exactly design for them, and of course with the suitable size for them. Because, during the pregnancy, they have to worn an appropriate maternity clothes. It makes them could feel comfort and happy when they have some occasion. Feel comfortable and feel happy are the important feeling during pregnancy. Because, it will greatly affects the health of the baby.  So, that, you should keep your good feeling and always feel comfortable in order to make your baby health, especially when they was born later.

Besides the plus size maternity clothes, you also have to prepared the other needed for the new-born babies. Because that is really important. You have to prepare the baby clothes, the baby stuff, and any other baby things. If needed you have to wearing breast-feeding clothes to make easier your breast feed activity. Because after give birth, you should breast feeding your babies, to make them have immune, clever and healthy. Make sure that all of preparation is ready to your baby. You also have to keep health in order to provide the good intake of breast feeding.

12 Days Late Negative Pregnancy Test?

Many women suspect that they are pregnant after they are day or two late on their periods. By day 12, they are almost certain that they are pregnant, even if they are not showing any outward symptoms. However, when they take a pregnancy test and it shows a negative result, women may wonder if the test is faulty or if they may have another health condition that is causing their delayed menstrual cycle. Before they panic, they should understand some of the reasons that a pregnancy test may give a negative reading, especially with being 12 days late.

Of course, it may be logical to assume that the test is faulty or has such poor quality that it is not giving an accurate reading. It is true that sub-par tests can be found for sale in supermarkets and discount stores. If a woman suspects that the test is just poorly made or faulty, she should invest in one made by a name brand company and one that perhaps cost a bit more, but also is known to give more accurate results. In fact, these higher quality tests are often used by doctors and health care professionals in their own clinics, which is why many people prefer these brands in the first place.

However, if even a higher brand test is giving a negative result, it could stem from the quality of urine being used. Women are advised to use their first morning urine and not take the test later in the day. A woman’s first morning urine is often more concentrated and does not contain a day’s worth of contaminants like medications and caffeine. Taking the test first thing in the morning often gives the most accurate reading and the fastest results, in fact.

12 Days Late Negative Pregnancy Test No Symptoms?

Anytime a sexually active woman is substantially late in her menstrual cycle, it is reasonable for her to assume that she may be pregnant. Some women by day 12 of being late begin exhibit signs of early pregnancy, such as having to use the bathroom more often, feeling fatigued by midday, and heaviness or soreness in her breasts. Some women also develop noticeable veins in their chests and abdomens, tell-tale signs that they are pregnant. However, some women display no signs of early pregnancy and instead feel as fit as ever. These women can be confused when they take a test and it gives a negative reading.

In fact, by day 12 of an early pregnancy, a woman is considered to be close to four weeks pregnant. An ultrasound can typically pick up on the developing baby’s heartbeat and may show a faint outline of the fetus. With that, it would be reasonable to assume that a simple over-the-counter test would give a positive result. However, some tests are compromised by factors like tainted urine, medications, and other chemical components. If a woman has been taking fertility pills, for example, the test may be unable to detect the needed level of hCG in her urine to give an accurate reading.

Likewise, if a woman has been using illegal drugs like marijuana or cocaine, the test may be compromised by the presence of these chemicals in her urine. Ideally, women should test their urine after they have abstained from taking medications or drinking caffeine products for at least 12 hours. The quality of urine will be better and the test will be able to detect if any hCG, the hormone produced by the body during early to mid-pregnancy, is present, indicating that the woman is indeed pregnant.

12 Days Late Negative Pregnancy Test Spotting?

When women suspect that they may be pregnant, they may be alarmed when they begin spotting around day 12 of their missed periods. In fact, spotting in early pregnancy is quite common. It usually occurs because of the embryo attaching itself to the uterine wall. However, sometimes spotting occurs because of an impending miscarriage or because a woman has injured herself. If a woman is getting a negative test result each time she takes a pregnancy test around day 12, the spotting may be happening because her period is about to start.

In fact, a number of factors can cause a period to be delayed to this extent. Being seriously ill with infections like the flu, pneumonia, or even severe gastroenteritis can cause a woman to miss her normal menstrual cycle start date. Her body’s systems have been thrown off because of the illness, and all of her body’s energy has been focused on helping her recover from whatever disease with which she was afflicted. After her body recuperates, it then resumes its normal systems, including her menstrual cycle. The spotting could be a sign that her menstrual cycle is about to begin.

If a woman has not been sick, yet is 12 days late and spotting, she could be in the earliest stages of pregnancy. It may be that her pregnancy is just now attaching itself to the uterine wall or that the pregnancy is about to miscarry. Many women who are late and begin spotting in early pregnancy actually do not realize that they were ever pregnant. They dismiss the spotting as a delayed period. However, in reality the spotting is the start of a miscarriage that more than likely will be followed by painful cramping and heavy flow. Doctors admit that a large percentage of pregnancies terminate in such a manner.