Personal ordeal inspires mother’s year-long 1,000km challenge in aid of Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

by pregnancy journalist

A mother-of-two from Sudbury , who described the pain of twice battling through potentially life-threatening failed pregnancies, has set her sights on covering 1,000 kilometres in 12 months to support those going through the same ordeal.

Natasha Gosling said she has been amazed by the support since kicking off her long-distance running challenge on August 27 to raise money and awareness for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

To coincide with Baby Loss Awareness Week, which begins today, Friday October 9, and runs until next Thursday, Natasha is determined to spread the word about the traumatic condition, to ensure women can get the medical and emotional support that they need.

Ectopic pregnancy is a serious complication that affects one in 80 pregnancies in the UK during the first trimester, occurring when the embryo grows outside of the womb.

After her first son Harrison was born in 2014 without trouble, Natasha subsequently experienced two ectopic pregnancies in 2016 and 2017 while trying for a second child.

She said this period of her life had been heartbreaking and the loneliest she had ever felt, amid numerous emergency visits to hospital, surgeries and a fear of infertility.

“It was such a horrific experience,” Natasha, of Lark Rise, told the Suffolk Free Press. “The pain was like nothing I have ever felt before.

“I feel like all losses are sad, but needing all of this intervention, it was very distressing to deal with, for both me and my husband.

“The charity has given a great deal of personal support. They were a major part in my recovery and being able to deal with what was happening. It has been an anchor for my wellbeing.

“The main thing was the communication. Just hearing another woman talk about her experiences and coming out the other side, and just hearing that positivity, they gave me more than I could have ever asked for.”

Having since given birth to her second son, Jasper, in 2018, Natasha explained she is in a much better place emotionally, and is now keen to give back to the charity with her fundraising and awareness drive.

Despite being inexperienced in running, she has already managed to complete 122km towards her goal, as of the beginning of this month.

“I’m happy with myself and I’m able to talk about it now,” said Natasha. “With everything that’s going on with Covid, not many know about this charity and not many people even know about ectopic pregnancies.

“To have someone there to help people with their dark journeys, I feel I have got more from the charity than any money could give back.

“Being able to give that support to someone else who is going through this would mean the world to me.

“Running is not something I would normally do. As the days get darker, it has been more challenging, but I’m doing it for a good cause, and that’s definitely the inspiration I need on the darker days.

“With everything that’s going on, it’s so great to have good positive feedback, but it has also been really positive in inspiring people to be a bit more active.

“The support has been amazing. I feel so proud with what I have raised already, and the more I talk about it, the more I hear from people who know someone who has been through an ectopic pregnancy.

“Ectopic pregnancy can be so serious. It’s a lot more common than I ever would have thought.”

If you would like to support Natasha’s fundraiser, which she aims to complete by the summer, or to stay up to date with her progress, click here .

For further information about ectopic pregnancies and the support services available for those who are dealing with the condition, click here .

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