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    Where to buy maternity clothes

    Congratulation on your pregnancy. Or on your partners pregnancy. Now that you got the baby thing done, where to buy maternity clothes? Nowadays it’s possible to find trendy and stylish maternity clothes in all shapes and sizes. Lucky us. It was a different story just 15 years ago. And let’s not talk about what our parents had to choose from. So, where to buy maternity clothes? I got 6 favorite stores that holds awesome maternity clothes. And they all have their own niche. I would love to introduce you to them. You can find everything from maternity sweatshirts and nursing bras to designer dresses and fashionable active wear. I have…

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    Lawmakers seek 30-day paternity leave, to include “common law” partners | The Summit Express

    MANILA, Philippines – Several lawmakers are seeking the extension of the paternity leave for up to 30 days. While families rejoiced with the recent approval of the Expanded Maternity Leave Law, working fathers are left with wanting more. Senators Joel Villanueva, Francis Pangilinan, Nancy Binay and Surigao del Sur Rep. Johnny Pimentel have filed separate bills to push for a law to extend the number of days for paternity leave. This content was originally published here.

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    Dove Is Giving $5,000 to New Dads Who Can’t Afford Paternity Leave

    Why Global Citizens Should Care Gender equality cannot be achieved with unequal parental leave that makes it harder for women to participate in the workforce. To end extreme poverty, we must promote shared parenting responsibilities. You can join us in taking action on this issue .  Dove’s latest social good campaign is an effort to balance family caregiving roles. The personal care brand announced its Paternity Leave Fund on Feb. 19 with plans to raise over $1 million for dads across the US over the next two years, CNN reports. Through the fund, fathers who don’t have access to paternity leave will be eligible to receive $5,000 grants to stay…

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    What to do When You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test

    (I have written this post as a part of a paid campaign with UCHealth to help women navigate their pregnancy. All opinions, experiences and questions are my own.) So, you just got a positive pregnancy test; Yay! I know there are a million and one blog posts out there to help you prepare for baby, and I am sure you have read every single one. This is my second time around but I remember during the first time I could not read enough, or Google enough to feel prepared. I hope this post is a resource to help you feel as prepared as possible in such an exciting, yet nerve…

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    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s Maternity Leave – Steffy’s Adoption Exit Explained | Celeb Dirty Laundry

    The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease that the CBS soap will face a tricky situation pretty soon. They just kicked off a major storyline through Beth’s “death” and Dr. Reese Buckingham’s (Wayne Brady) obvious scheming. As time goes on, the show will have to handle an interesting speed bump. Some viewers seem to be in denial about the idea of Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Spencer’s (Annika Noelle) baby being swapped with a dead one, but let’s be real: it happened. We don’t need official confirmation to tell us that. Liam arrived after the delivery. Hope wasn’t awake for the delivery. Reese made cryptic comments to a…

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    Each of These Working Mothers Was Just Named a ‘Time’ Person of the Year

    Instead of naming just one person, the magazine decided to honor all of the people who have raised awareness for and fought against sexual harassment this past year. “These silence breakers have started a revolution of refusal, gathering strength by the day, and in the past two months alone, their collective anger has spurred immediate and shocking results: nearly every day, CEOs have been fired, moguls toppled, icons disgraced. In some cases, criminal charges have been brought,” Stephanie Zacharek, Eliana Dockterman and Haley Sweetland Edwards wrote for Time. The piece on the disctinction also noted how despite the different backgrounds of all of the “silence breakers” in this moment, they…

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    Kate Middleton secretly carries out engagement during maternity leave

    Kate Middleton secretly carries out engagement during maternity leave The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to return to work in the next few weeks Kate Middleton carried out an engagement in private during her maternity leave; the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to return to work at the end of the month or October According to the Court Circular, the couple received Miguel on Wednesday afternoon upon relinquishing his appointment as the Duke’s private secretary. The meeting was a private one, which explains why no photos of William, Kate and Miguel have surfaced. Watch our latest Royal Live: Miguel’s resignation was announced in March, with a spokesperson for Prince William…

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    End of the pregnancy test as new smartwatch alerts women when they conceive, scientists announce

    The traditional home pregnancy test could soon be obsolete, scientists have said as they announced a new smartwatch system that alerts women when they conceive. Trials in Switzerland have allowed researchers to identify for the first time a package of minute physiological changes, detectable by existing hardware, that take place when pregnancy starts. They are now building an algorithm which learns the individual wearer’s personal characteristics so it can not only signal the start of a pregnancy but also highlight the best windows in which to try for a baby. The technology promises to allow women hoping to conceive to do away with the morning ritual of a home pregnancy…

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    When is Meghan Markle starting maternity leave? Details here | HELLO!

    Here’s how we’ll know exactly when Meghan Markle has started maternity leave Royal baby countdown is on! The is just weeks away from welcoming her first child, so when exactly will she go on maternity leave? Her diary is still , some of which she is expected to carry out in private away from the cameras. And while there is speculation that Meghan has already quietly started her leave, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Kensington Palace will announce exactly when Meghan will undertake her final engagement before the birth. Last year, when the was expecting , the palace released a statement very clearly reading: “Today’s public engagements by…